Monday, February 28, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make a Reversible Carseat Cover

So cute and practical!

Reversible Carseat Cover Tutorial at Therapeutic Crafting
"My sister is having a little girl in June. So excited because I love all things ruffly. So, I got to work and made her an adorable car seat cover. AND because I am that nice, I did a little tutorial for you. Believe me when I say this is not your normal car seat cover. It has been blinged up and reversible!..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Wedding Corset - Part 3

Here's part three. I've loved seeing this evolve! Here's Part 1, and Part 2 in case you missed them.

Wedding Corset Tutorial at The Distracred Domestic
"Now that the pattern has been adjusted and the base sewn, it's time to add the boning..." Read more

Double Lack

Materials: 2 lack table

For the first table, cut the four legs (about 10cm less), for the second one, cut just one leg. That's all, you can nest them as you wish.

~ dunoon, brittany

Tutorial - How to Make a Monster Bag

That monster is too cute!! Love the floral!

Monster Bag Tutorial at Sew a Straight Line
"A traditional gift for an eight-year old LDS child is a set of their own scriptures. My son received his, along with a special bag to keep them in, at his baptism. My son is wacky and original and I wanted his scripture bag to reflect that.
I’d actually been planning this bag since he was about four. Of course I didn’t actually make the bag until the afternoon before his baptism, but at least I planned ahead, right?
And since his turned out so well, and was so quick and easy to make, I whipped up a new scripture bag for myself later Saturday night..." Read more

Ivar Studio Desk

Materials: Ivar shelving units

Description: I work for a small architecture firm in southern California, and last summer I started working from home 3 days a week. I had a small workspace setup prior to that, but it was inadequate for actual day to day work. I needed storage space for books, my computer, stuff, and a big enough desk surface to roll out drawings.

So, I borrowed, and slightly modified the way we set the office workstations up at my firm. We use Ivar's as deskstands with door blanks as the desk surface. The setup I've done at home is similar, but I've used Europly plywood as the desktop. For a small bedroom space, this arrangement works really well.

~ Kyle, Los Angeles

Coffee table advance

Malm Storage Unit, Galant Monitor Stand

Description: Only a little hack ;)

The Malm Storage Unit is perfect to hide things like the TV guides, bottle opener, the reserve of sweets, ... but they are not big enough for a coffee table. So I have expanded it with a Galant Monitor Stand and 3 short table-legs. To stop the stand from slipping I used double-sided adhesive tape (the black under the table-legs).

~ Ingo, Cologne, Germany

Tutorial - How to Make an Easy Strip Quilt

Adorable! This is definitely my kind of quilting!

Easy Strip Quilt Tutorial at Mummy Crafts
"I posted about this easy strip quilt a couple of weeks back.
It was a gift for a special friend of mine.

I thought I'd share with you how easy it is -
perfect for those of you who want to try quilting!..." Read more

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Electric Lips

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Electric Lips

The Flame Scallop, Ctenoides ales, sports some "electricity" in its bioluminescent mantle. Interestingly, it's not a scallop, but a marine bivalve mollusc with red and white tentacles. It also has something like a thick long tongue, which helps it to climb rocks - more info.


Today's pictures & links:

Afghan Buses Carry Cars on the Roof. Sure, Business as Usual.

How do they load and unload them, is all I ask? - more info.

(photos by REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov, via)


The Abandoned Ski Lift in Russia

Photos taken by Dmitry Chistoprudov close to Kirovsk, Siberia - see more photos here.

(images via)

This has something of a "Lord of the Rings" atmosphere to it:

(image via)


Somebody, straighten him out!

At the Lunar Landing Research Facility: Reduced Gravity Walking Simulator, 1965:

(image credit: NASA, click to enlarge)

More images are here.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Scale of the Universe 1, 2; related - [space]
Huge Cocaine Submarine Discovered in Colombia - [interesting]
Oil Paintings on Microchips - [wow art]
Historic CIA Spy Kit - [gadgets]
One Eccentric Reads Entire Book! - [hilarious]
Robot Walks Between Cities, Just Because - [in Japan]
Interesting Point About Tablets - [computers]
R2D2s and Laptops of all Sorts - [geek art]
Re-enacting Old Photos - [cool portraits]
Epic Snowboarding - [wow video]
1964 Futurama Space Ride - [cool vintage video]
Construction of a 600m Tokyo Tower, info - [time-lapse video]
Alien Abduction Insurance? - [weird]


Got a Segway? Stash it in this vehicle:

Granted, the Saturn Flextreme is not news, as it was introduced at a 2008 auto show, but somehow we have not mentioned it before, and it is pretty cool. Even though General Motors discontinued the Saturn brand, and so far Segways have only been a success in niche markets - don't you think that such a combination has a future?

(images via)


Albino Hedgehog

A rarity:

(original unknown)


Map of the Interior World

The Hollow Earth hypothesis is vividly illustrated in this wonderful map, full of imaginary and exotic locales (from "The Goddess of Atvatabar (1892)".

(image via)


Thinking of having a monkey as a pet?

This month at National Geographic's Flashback Gallery are various exotic pets and working animals. Look at this idyllic scene from 1942:

(images credit: National Geographic)

Bottom left: Dorothy Lamour with a performing chimpanzee on the set of "The Jungle Princess".

Bottom right: "Mrs. E. Kenneth Hoyt, of Habana, Cuba, acquired the gorilla in 1932 when he was three months old. Mr. Hoyt had just shot Toto's father in the French Congo. African villagers, without the knowledge of the Hoyts, then killed the mother. Mrs. Hoyt, unwilling to see the baby die, procured an African nurse for the gorilla and he thrived on human milk."


Alone with a Shipwreck

(image credit: David Doubilet)

Underwater photography by David Doubilet.


"Bluebeards Revenge" Pirate-Themed Shaving Creme Battles Heavy Beards

There is a new brand of premium, paraben free shaving cream called "The Bluebeards Revenge". It sports a great Jolly Roger on its packaging, so when keeping it in a bathroom - you may need to do a little bit of explaining: "No, it's not poisonous. No, it's not hazardous to health". Other than this bit of trouble, it does the job nicely - and is very smooth, with a promise to slow down the beard's growth as an added benefit.

(images via)

"The luxurious cream is made from a unique and secret ingredient called Decelerine, which contains a mixture of active ingredients that delay hair growth, reducing the frequency of shaving"

You might want to check out this video of the Proper Barbershop open-razor technique, or see how one man uses a volcanic sharp rock instead of a razor.


Is This a Laptop? Got any WiFi?

This is a picture of a journalist in his BMW, taken by Zoltan Glass in 1934:

(Photo by Zoltan Glass, see more here)


Role Reversal

(original unknown)


Wikipedia Printed Out

Wikipedia as a printed book? Well, to print the whole Wikipedia will take approximately 1,504 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica - see the picture below for the size of library you'd need:

(click to enlarge)

However, Rob Matthews decided to print just a 0.01% portion of Wikipedia - only the Featured Articles (makes sense!). The resulting volume came up to be some 5,0000 pages - what's more, Rob plans to sell it! - more info

(images credit: Rob Matthews)

Print some, and send postcards, too.


An early Apple product preview, from 1953

(image via)

Also, found this interesting construction set from 1960s Soviet Russia - Assemble Your Own TV Set!


Time to Simplify

(image via)


Dark Roasted Blend T-Shirts are here!

Buy them here!

This is a joint project between Neatoshop and DRB - this way we ensure the best shopping experience, and will continue to come up with cool Dark Roasted Blend designs throughout the year.




Tutorial - How to Make a Changing Pad Bag

That changing pad has it all!

Changing Pad Bag Tutorial at Therapeutic Crafting
"I designed this with 2 kids of experience. These are things that would have been helpful for me when I was changing a baby when we were out and about. When you are using a public changing station, all the items you need are handy and hang down right in front of where you stand to change the baby:) PERFECT! The pad is also extra long and wider for the wiggly babies on the go or a toddler. Now you don't have to wonder what your baby is touching in a public area;)..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Apothocary Jars

Love these!!

Apothocary Jars Tutorial at My World ~ Made By Hand
"Now, I wish I could take credit for coming up with this idea but I can't. Credit is due where credit is due. I originally saw these on Lolly Jane Boutique who in turn got the idea from Shanty 2 Chic ~ ~ you can see why I had to be a copy cat! ..." Read more

DIY Slide Projector

Materials: Isbrytare lamp (no longer in production)

Description: This is not mine but I thought you'd be interested. Instructables user derte84 build a lo-fi projector to display photo slides on a huge wall. Also works for lomo slides.

See the step-by-step instructables [via Unplggd].

~ Owen

Tutorial - How to Make a Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

We used to make things like this in Girl Scouts. I must admit - I loved making them! What a great, quiet activity for kids in the winter!

Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder Tutorial at MaNiKa
"This box is a pencil holder. This is a very easy and interesting project for kids. Under Parent’s guidance they do this project very easily..." Read more

Lack Bistro Table

Materials: 2x Lack side tables, 1x Lack coffee table, Loctite construction adhesive, Polycrylic

Description: We had a tiny "breakfast nook" in our newly remodeled (Ikea Adel MB!) kitchen and wanted an affordable way to add a small table for two. The space available was *very* narrow (we had to be able to open the pantry and access the window/trash can), and we wanted something pub-height so we could use the same stools that are at our breakfast bar. I had been wanting to hack-a-lack for a while, and when I saw the $19.99 coffee table, I was sold!

Step 1: Purchase 2 Lack side tables, 1 Lack coffee table, construction adhesive, and poly (for the table top, we used water-based). Cost: approximately $40-45.

Step 2: Set one side table top on the floor, shiny (paint) side up. Glue four legs to the corners of the top surface. It can be tricky to get these square and/or level, so be aware you may need to adjust a bit as the adhesive sets. Try to wait until almost completely dry before proceeding.

Step 3: Glue the tops of the four 'first-tier' legs to the bottom (not finished side) of the second side-table top. Weight and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Repeat step 1 on the top of your new "box" to create the second-tier legs.

Step 5: Measure carefully on the coffee table top to center the table base/legs so overhang is the same on both ends. Glue the tops of the second-tier legs to the bottom of the coffee table top, add weight, and wait for it to dry completely.

Step 6: Apply 2-3 coats of poly to the table top. We only did this on the very top (the coffee-table piece), since that's where beverages, etc would be set, but you could apply it to the entire structure if you were ambitious. Use very very fine sandpaper between coats to remove bubbles.

Step 7: Voila! Bistro table for 2 that fits in a very narrow space. We added felt pads on the corners of the bottom layer to protect the floor.

Leftovers for other hacks: coffee table shelf (same size as top but thinner), set of 4 Lack legs.

~ Blair, Knoxville, TN

Tutorial - How to Make a Reverse Applique Scarf

Cutie pie with an awesome scarf! Love this technique!

Reverse Applique Scarf Tutorial at Show Tell Share
"I have been doing some research one reverse applique. I like the idea of revealing the final design at the very end as you cut away the fabric. I already had a project idea ready for the boys, when I stumbled upon a reference to multi-layer reverse applique, called Mola, that the Kuna women of Panama make. I was very intrigued, because using more layers of colors opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. I wanted to try it. To start simple, I picked 3 colors..." Read more

Show Tell Share made another reverse applique scarf but made a few changes to the process. Check it out!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make an Applique Shamrock Rag Quilt Pillow

I've never seen applique on a rag quilt. Love it!

Applique Shamrock Rag Quilt Pillow Tutorial at Sew Practical
"This tutorial will help you complete an appliquéd rag quilt pillow that will finish at about 8” x 8..." Read more

Modern dining room lightning

Materials: Löbbo, Hemma, scissors, knife

3 small Löbbo shades were cut on the long side in small strips. These strips were stuck in small cuts I have pierced into one big Löbbo shade, that's it.

It is quite a lot work, it looks best, when the pattern of the strips is rather irregular woven. I also used the non shiny side of the shade in the front - so it looks more natural.

The shades are hung up on the usual Hemma lighting suspension.

~ Vendela, Linz Austria