Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make Car Seat Strap Covers

Perfect! Those straps *have* to be washable!

Car Seat Strap Covers Tutorial at Taylor Made
"Don't you love an easy project that you can finish in just about an hour? I know I do, especially because I have problems a little trouble finishing projects in a timely fashion. I wanted to recover baby #2's car seat and realized that was going to lead me to my previous problem, an unfinished project. I just don't have enough time so I though I would spruce up his/her car seat straps! Not to mention, the old straps were looking a little rough. Does anyone have the Chicco Car seat? I LOVE it but the strap covers that came on it were sewn-on which made them super hard to wash. I decided to make my own with Velcro so I could wash them easier..." Read more


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