Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make a Reversible Double Thickness T Shirt Tote Bag

The absolute perfect t shirt bag!

Reversible T Shirt Tote Bag Tutorial at She Wears Flowers
"I was so distracted last week. I came back to this post that I featured HERE again and again. I am so in love with the idea of making tote bags out of T-shirts. But, I wanted really sturdy bags and no raw edges. It spun around in my brain for a few days and then I had one of those magical *a-ha!* moments when it all became clear. I didn’t have 2 t-shirts, though…

I had to stop by Old Navy for some new jeans anyhow so I sifted through the clearance stuff and found a few cheap (so cheap—they were all on clearance and then 40% off of that price!!) t-shirts to work some magic on. I won’t lie, I bought so many of those cheap shirts that I got a funny look when I was paying for everything. I explained what I was doing—kinda embarrassed—and the salesperson was so excited for me. She thought it was a great idea. And then I got even more excited than before!! ..." Read more


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