Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Funny Pencil Coloring Pages

what’s on your mind when you saw a pencil? Yes, writing or drawing! This is two things that I like. Writing makes my mind always trained to spice up all my ideas and feelings. While drawing gives extraordinary experiences. Until I can illustrate my future with very clear. Let’s get writing and drawing!


Independence Day Coloring Pages

freedom is the right of all nations in the world. All nations must be free from colonial countries. Every nation has the right to determine their own fate. Each nation must also be free from poverty, weakness and corruption. Come on .. freedom for our nation!


Happy Graduation Day Coloring Pages

Learning activity is very fun! Every morning, I prepare to go to study in school. Meet with friends and teachers, play and learn in the classroom with friends. Truly delightful! All students compete to be the best in class. They study diligently to get a high value, so they can graduate with the best ranking! Come learn the lesson

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Link Latte 113

#113 - Week of June 21, 2009

Secret Stalin's Weapon: Terminator Assembly - [wow pics]
Smallest Island Divided Between Two States - [interesting]
$25,000 Formula One Steering Wheel, more - [geek tech]
Carrot Terrorism: art project of Conny Blom - [urban art]
Pictures by Atomic Bomb Survivors - [heart-breaking]
Architect Greg Lynn: Blob Architecture - [interesting]
Madness of Temporary Ski Jumps - [vintage tech]
The Evolution of Space Cruisers - [gallery, overview]
Virtual Calligraphy - [unique art video]
Picasso's Painting with Light - [gallery, click next]
Panoramic view: Luminous Festival, Sydney - [wow pic]
Holodeck: Possible Today?, more - [wow tech]
Unusual, and cruel office prank - [funny]
Bacteria Genome Maps, Brain on Wire - [science, wait to load]
Google Earth Alphabet (nicely done) - [art]
Some of the world's strangest airport runways - [weird]
Is this a "smiling" insect? No, it's an orchid! - [wow nature]
Terrific and Terrifying Tables - [design]
Atlas Obscura: new and promising site - [cool site]
Incredible Images of Waves - [photography]
Nice overview of retro-future technology - [futurism]
Kosher search engine: all sfw, does not work on Sabbath - [hmm..]
Freaky: Celebrities Upside Down - [weird pics]
Dinosaurs say "Hey!" - [video joke]
Old School Medicine Ads - [unexpected, vintage]
Best Ever Wedding Invitation - [funny]
Newborn Anteaters at Tokyo Zoo - [cute video]
The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9 - [fun animation]
Real Life Spider Man - [wow video]
Sorry, I'm Late - [nicely-made stop motion animation]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]
Celebrities who own private islands - [overview]


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anything for the Perfect Shot! - Part 3


Photographers continue to be wildly creative when it comes to finding that perfect spot, an impossible angle, or a singular moment, which lead to an outstanding picture. Sometimes this search becomes hilarious, or even dangerous - and one has to wonder if they get these perfect results they were after? "Sorry buddy, but your lens cap is on".

Wild Moments in Sports Photography:

(images credit: Reuters, via)

How to get a good angle -

(image via)

Submerged in foam for the sake of photography (this was a promotional event for Sony in Miami City, using the world's biggest foam creation machine - more images and photos here)

(images via)

Not quite possible? -

Tricks of the trade:

(image credit: Gitanes)

(image credit: Reuters, via)

(images via 1, 2)

(image credit: Christian Scholz)

(image via)

Yoda can teach you some tricks, too -

(image via)

Evolution: becoming a professional photographer -

(original unknown)

How many cameras you need? -

(original unknown)

Charming! -

(original unknown)

Super Zoom:

(image via)

So... still have a room for desert? - more images here:

(image credit: Maria F.)

Good use of equipment? -

This was probably done for educational purposes (or just out of curiosity) - Anatomy of a Praktica SLR:

Our traditional section: interaction with animals -

(image credit: Mike Nelson / AFP)

(image credit: Jason Friesen)

Hilarious amateurs!...

(images via 1, 2)

(image via)

(original unknown)


Also Read: Part 2 and Part 1

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post--it Love

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Post-it Love

Another office romance story, but this time very inventive and charming. Good acting, too:


Post-it notes can be very handy in creating stop-motion animation, see this example: Deadline! cool animation, and how it was made....

Today's pictures & links:

Inspiration for the Tyrell Corporation "ziggurats" in Blade Runner?

Do you remember our article about Paolo Soleri giant megapolis structures? Another wonderful futurist architect - Antonio Sant' Elia - also dreamed up many radical designs, for example, a train station in Milan - complete with an airport on the roof!

(image via)

He also had some interesting beliefs, for example, he thought that each generation should rebuild their city from scratch, based on their needs, and allowing for no historical preservation. His designs were a key influence on the Barbican Center in London - a Modernist, Brutalist (is this a term?) classic.


The Incredible Dehydrated Cat

and a small fuzzy "emo" creature:

(originals unknown)


French Aerotrain, worth remembering

Even though this "Aerotrain" was abandoned by the French government in favour of TGV, it was an interesting prototype in the 1960s that ran on a single concrete rail from Orleans to Paris for more than 100 km.

"Film buffs will remember it as the commuter train taken by Guy Montag in Truffaut's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451" (source)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Awesome video: "Civilization" - [wait for it to load] - via
Decorating an ugly industrial plant - [pics, scroll down, in Russian]
Strangely shaped communities on Google Maps - [weird]
Best Underwater Photography 2009 - [spectacular]
Geeky and Cool Egyptian PC Case Mod - [tech]
Psychedelic Fish Cane Creation, more - [sort of like a sausage]
Fantastic Urban Guerrilla Street Art - [design]
Making Butter! - [cool educational video]
RubberDuckZilla!! - [only in Japan]
The Recession Aggression Bag - [fun video]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]


Military Folding Bikes

Quite a lot more advanced than this incredible French machine.

Montague Corporation recently launched the Paratrooper folding bike, which is already being used in virtually every branch of the U.S. military - more info:

(images credit: MilitaryBikes)

"The Paratrooper was built to drop from an airplane attached to an Airborne soldier, hit the ground, unfold and go. It effectively bridges the gap between walking and the use of heavy mechanized vehicles, allowing soldiers to go further than on foot while not requiring the fuel and logistics associated with a vehicle. When it's not in use, the bike folds down to fit pretty much anywhere."

Speaking of bicycles and tricycles - this one you've probably seen already, but nothing even comes close to the statement it makes:

(image credit: Jud Turner)


Extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan

Don't miss this gallery! - click here - unique and strange designs:

There are more radical covers, if you follow the link - all rarely seen, from the hard-to-find book "Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s", edited by Masayo Matsubara.


Hi-Tec Solutions

I hope he gets wi-fi in this place:

(image via Vladimir Zivkovic)


These images are NOT moving

These are not animated GIFs, but static normal images - your eyes are fooling you... again.

Just move your eyes around these images and experience the effect:

(images via Peter Balla)


Great Signs!

Oh, wait...

(original unknown)

I personally like the image above the best - hopefully this is not a fake - but the rest are good to go into our Signs series:

Check out some more here. Most signs are from a hilarious Engrish site.

One more, just to finish it o....

(image via)


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