Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make a Snowflake Paper Lantern

Very fun!

Snowflake Paper Lantern Tutorial at Starry Eyed Charlie
"I love working with paper. It's my favorite medium. I love to fold it, cut it, shape it and even integrate it into my paintings..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Floral Hair Wreath

Gorgeous! Have a special event or a special person that could pull this off? Make one!

Floral Hair Wreath Tutorial at Starry Eyed Charlie
"Today I want to share with you one of my favorite tutorials: how to make your own floral hair wreath.
They're really quite simple and make every woman feel like the sun follows them.
I am making some for friends going to Coachella. I figured, if I can't go, at the very least a small piece of me will be present...plus they will wear them well!..." Read more

Fold up workshop

Materials: Bekvam kitchen cart

Description: I used the kitchen cart as the core of a fold up mobile woodshop or craft station. I also use the same cart for mobile tool stands after making the necessary modifications.

~ Donald Henderson, Orleans Ontario Canada

Tutorial - How to Make a Holiday Bow Wreath

How fun and so easy!

Holiday Bow Wreath Tutorial at Tara Being Tara
"The holidays are finally here! I've had this project on my to-do list for weeks, and finally got around to making it. It was simple, cheap, and it is so cute!!..." Read more

Bookcase with scratching post and hammock

Materials:Expedit Bookcase, LACK Wall shelf, Shelves Carriers, Material from an old scratching post

Description: I took an Expedit bookcase and a LACK wall shelf to create a storage cabinet which also functions as a cat playground.

~ Siebrenna

Tutorial - How to Make a Felt Envelope Gift Bag

Very cool! It may look flat from this angle, but it's not. It has two openings. One small one in the front for your card and a larger one on the side to fit a nice sized present!

Felt Envelope Gift Bag Tutorial at LvBeii
"This Valentine, I modified a little of my last year Valentine Project for the Love Envelope - Stuffed Version. So it kinda look the same and the only difference is I modified the 'stuffed toy' into a 'workable' envelope - meaning that you can place your presents into the envelope, with a love letter to be place on the front pocket..." Read more

Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Christmas Printables

How stinkin' cute!

Free Christmas Printables at Therapeutic Crafting
"Here are 2 new Christmas printables. You can print them as any size. I didn't limit the size this time. You can have the printed professionally for a bigger size..." Read more

Chest of drawers to a bed

Materials: 4 drawer Malm x 2 and a saw

Moved house and needed a new single bed.
Removed the draws measured 20" from the top down to the base of the second front cross piece.

Mark and saw in half....same again to the second set of draws.

Screw them all together make a new top (making the bed base) for the lower halves add an 8" by 37" shelf to the bottom replace the draws and you have lots of storage and a single bed base new mattress = a comfy single bed.

We will use the remaining draw fronts to make open shelves in the same bedroom.
All will be primed and painted white.

See more of Suz's Malm dresser bed.

~ Suz, Shropshire UK

Tutorial - How to Make Abstract Mini Fabric Scrap Art

Beautiful! It looks fun and definitely doable!

Abstract Mini Fabric Scrap Art Tutorial at COLORCRAZED
"Who says art needs to be large to be fun and decorative? Not Me! I love making small pieces from the scraps that are left over from other projects. These scraps work well in collage and abstract designs. Anyone can do this with fabric, paper, yarn, beads, and I'm sure you can come up with more variations, as well..." Read more

Woodsy, antique ikea table

Materials: Bjursta table legs, Ivar chairs

- Remove legs from cracked wobbly old table
- Replace with bjursta legs but use original antique harware and drill new holes
- Whitewash table and throw on some old boards from the attic
- Sand and varathane entire piece
- Paint dark wood Ivar chairs and antique chairs white

~ Athea Boyes, Britannia Beach Canada

Malm Dresser Up-Do

Materials: Malm 6 Drawer Dresser, chair rail molding, drawer handles, claw feet,

Description: I started with a black/brown Malm 6 drawer dresser.

Knowing I wanted to lift it off the ground with these claw feet, I needed to re-enforce the structure so the particle board wouldn't shatter. Using 2" x 2" "furring strips" from home depot. I made a frame out of the furring strips that I screwed into the inside lining of the bottom of the dresser.

Next, lift the dresser and put the feet under it. Line up the feet, and drive 3" construction screws through the furring strip frame and down into the feet.

Next, screw a 1" thick, 3" wide strip of wood to the front of the dresser just below the bottom drawer- this way you'll have a flat front to the dresser.

Using chair rail molding, make frames for the drawers, I just used a miter box to make the 45 degree cuts.

Sand, Prime, and Paint the dresser. Then glue or screw on the molding frames you made to the front of the drawers. Add drawer pulls/handles if you like!

~ Alex P, Atlanta, Ga

Tutorial - How to Make a Recycled Insulated Window Shade

Not only brilliant, but beautiful!

Recycled Insulated Window Shade Tutorial at Adventures in Dressmaking
"Brr!! It's cold in Oregon, and our little house could use some extra insulation on the windows. I've sure you've seen tutorials on how to make roman shades and insulated blinds, but this one's actually a reuse tutorial: how to make insulated blinds out of a blanket..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Herringbone Tucks Pillows

Absolutely gorgeous!

Herringbone Tucks Pillow Tutorial at Atelier Caroline
"For a pair of 18x18 pillows you will need:
* 2 pillow forms 18x18 - I make mine from scratch but you can buy them at any craft store
* 2 yards of fabric in 44" wide - I used moleskin because it has a bit of stretch it is very soft and doesn't wrinkle which is a bonus for throw pillows.
* Coordinating thread or invisible thread..." Read more

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Link Latte 146

#146 - Week of November 28, 2010

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Recipe - How to Make Refried Beans


Refried Beans Recipe at My Suburban Homestead
"Some day I hope to grow plenty of dry beans out of the vegetable garden to make refried beans throughout the year. My husband, toddler and I absolutely love refried beans. Such a cheap and tasty alternative to other protein sources, and is a great compliment to other cooking from the vegetable garden..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Stuffed Baby Elephant

Adorable! The fabric choice makes this little guy even cuter!

Stuffed Baby Elephant Tutorial at Little Black Teapot
"I finally got round to creating the tutorial for this little guy that was requested so often. Just in time too- only 2 months crafting time left till Christmas! This elephant is perfect for kids and if making it for babies you could replace the eyes with a bit of sewn fabric or paint them on with fabric paint..." Read more

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tutorial - How to Organize Fabric with Mini Bolts

That photo is swoon worthy! What a fabulous organizational system!

Organize Fabric with Mini Bolts Tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots
"I belong to a fabric group and one day a while back we got into a big discussion about how we organize our fabric. There were several ladies in the group that mentioned they used these boards and loved them. You can get a pack of about 100 for around $10-11 and for that price I just had to try them. Let me tell you I'm in LOVE! They work perfectly and because their true purpose is to maintain the quality of those pricey comic books they are perfect for fabric. They are archival and won't mess with the colors or quality of your fabric...can I get a Woot Woot for that!!..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Felt Owl Hairclip

So sweet! I like the way she attached the clip in the back.

Felt Owl Hairclip Tutorial at Margo is Crafty
" Ready to craft? Here's what we need to start: Four colors of felt(browns, white, and a color for the beak), I just used scraps from other projects, you don't need a lot, embroidery thread in black or brown (seed beads can be used instead), a bobby pin or other flat hair clip, needle and thread. Got it all? These are a very simple and quick craft. I made three or four while watching TV with no problem at all..." Read more

Bedroom dress boys

Materials: Two Bertil chairs, cleat, glue, screws, drill, circular saw, paint.

Description: Our bedroom is tightly spaced, and we needed a place for clothes in between wearing and ready for laundry. Inspired by a design from Laphoeff I bought two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs and made them into dress boys.

I used a circular handsaw to cut the seats in half. A French cleat under the remaining piece of the seat holds the chairs to the walls, making them easy to remove for cleaning etc. Doesn't take up much room but holds quite bundle of clothes, de-cluttering the room. The chairs were originally black, I painted them white to match the colour scheme.

~ G.V.M., The Netherlands

Queen-size MALM Murphy Hack

Materials: Queen size IKEA MALM bed, 1 8x4 sheet of wood, nails, hammer, 2 70 lb bags concrete, gate hinges, fishing line

1. Secure the bed slats on the MALM bed with fishing line.

2. Chop off the legs.

3. Build a box to put concrete (for counterweight) and attach hinges and bed to.

4. Attach bed to hinges and box.

5. Cut out 2 opposing side legs that correspond to the height of the hinge that the bed is attached to.

6. Attach new legs to hinges.

7. Calculate the spring constant, k, of the gate springs.

8. Pick optimal spot to attach gate spring to bed and weighting box using spring constant. Warning: most of the bed frame is actually hallow. I recommend using the edge of the legs.

~ Clay Woolam, San Fransisco

Tutorial - How to Knit Simple Tubular Cast-On

Sounds like this is a great trick for you knitters!

Knit Simple Tubular Cast-On Tutorial at pieKnits
"For a recent camping trip I decided I need a portable project and cast-on for the ever popular Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. However, I wanted to mod the cast on for one of my favorite seamless ones. A tubular cast-on for 1x1 ribbing in the round. The great thing about this cast-on is it doesn't require learning any new maneuvers or stitches, just a little scrap yarn..." Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Gold Leaf Candle Holders

Very pretty!

Gold Leaf Candle Holders Tutorial at homework
"Adding a splash of metallic décor can dress up a room and instantly change the look. I made these gold leaf candle holders and was surprised at how such a small object changed the feel of my table..." Read more

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make Digital Mixed Media IPod Art

IPod art?! No way! That is so cool!

Digital Mixed Media IPod Art Tutorial at The Craft Project
"Because the new ipod touches have built in cameras and video cameras (it’s Tyler’s turn to be jealous of my toy now), I picked out a few apps that would help me do digital art (think digital mixed media). After sending Tyler off to Vancouver this morning (he defends his masters on Monday – I’m so proud), and spending the day outside with my dad and the family dog, I curled up on my couch to try out my new toys. And wow are they fun (and easy – in particular they make Photoshop look even harder now)..." Read more

Splendid Abandoned Airplanes

Link - article by Tom Moran and Avi Abrams

When Flying Is No Longer An Option (Jet Planes in Backyards)

Derelict Plane Spotting is one of the highlights of urban and country exploring, and probably one of the most rewarding exploring activities (for example, you can climb inside the cockpit and relive your childhood pilot dreams). Ships have "shipwrecks" (see our highly popular Shipwrecks article), and while abandoned planes are not usually called "wrecks", just rusted carcasses - they still hold certain fascination, mystery and historic significance ready to be discovered:

(English Electric Lightning Jet, image credit: Simon Thomas)

(MiG-25RB at Monino, Russia - photo by Artem Anikeev)

(Romanian Air Force MiG-17, in Otopeni, Romania; photos by Lia Stelea)

(Dakota Plane in Ratanga Theme Park, photos by Danie van der Merwe)

Have Your Garden BBQ Inside the Cockpit!

There can be little doubt that one of the most coveted status symbols for aviation enthusiasts is displaying their favourite plane in their own back gardens. It may sound crazy but the fact is that many old fighters and other aircraft come available for public purchase after they are withdrawn from service. So while many are melted down to make coke cans and others grace national museums, a select few end their days happily corroding away in the gardens behind suburban houses, farms and so on. Here's a selection to enthrall and amuse:

They don't come much more impressive than this! Waking up every morning and glancing out the window at the English Electric Lightning, the Cold War interceptor that could out-climb far more modern aircraft for many years, must be a pretty unique way to start the day:

(image credit: Demobbed, Phil Adkin)

Lightning in a garden (not just any garden; this is Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's garden... somehow I knew he had something like that in his backyard):

"In fact, the same plane that featured in the video above is now owned by Neil Airey of ‘Lakes Lightnings’. Neil’s house in the picturesque Lake District of England is not only home to this Lightning, but also two other Lightning cockpit sections (one kept in the garage on a trailer and making regular appearances at shows), a complete Hawker Hunter and a Harrier T4 cockpit – making it one pretty unique garden! The aircraft can be viewed by prior arrangement at lakeslightnings@hotmail.co.uk:

Extend Your House Into an Airplane!

(images credit: Neil Airey of Lakes Lightnings)

Hunter in a backyard:

Gloster Meteor - Britain's first jet power fighter plane:

(image credit: Demobbed, Mick Boulanger)

De Havilland Vampire - Britain's first jet power fighter plane - is positively smiling! -

(images credit: Demobbed, Mark Ray, Martyn Morgan, Phil Adkin)

RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire, UK, was the home of the Lightning. Although closed since 1988 when the aircraft was withdrawn, it is to many an old spotter still the spiritual home of the Lightning and as such, this one is well cared for in the garden of house in Binbrook village. The black tail denotes that this plane was once flown by the squadron boss:

(image credit: Paul Kyte)

The ultimate driveway accessory! If you've always wanted to drive a Jag but find the cost a bit steep, how about one of these? This is a Seepcat Jaguar, a recently retired Anglo French ground attack jet. Upon retirement from service, an aircraft's price tag tends to drop from tens of millions of pounds to a few thousand in scrap metal value. As a result, this will now cost you less than the car variant (albeit a new one) and looks great on the drive. With its wings clipped off, it's a perfect fit!

(image credit: Demobbed)

Anyone who enjoys planes might want to consider living in one. Read our previous coverage of houses and boats made from converted aircraft - Part 1 and Part 2

In the unlikely event that you decide to stay in a rundown motel somewhere in the Russian outback, why not one with old fighter planes dotted about the grounds? Is this a plane spotters paradise or an eerie glimpse back to the Cold War?

(image via)

Here's one that is peculiarly, and certainly precariously, placed. Despite appearances, this T-33A Shooting Star is a fixture at the National Weapons Museum, Albania (left image):

(images via)

The plane on the right (above) is in fact at Bangalore Science Museum, but it has the look of a garden and the old fighter seems curiously out of its element sandwiched on a grassy area between two roads.

At the bottom of the garden - what must the neighbours think?

(image credit: Phillip Capper)

The fuselage of this Fed Ex plane appears to be a fixture in a "Cast Away themed garden show". By all accounts, the wrecked plane serves as a tunnel through which keen gardeners at the show can pass from lush flora to a sandy beach (see below left).

If you need more space in your second floor apartment but can't build an extension, why not just do what this household in Russia has done and attach the forward fuselage of an old plane to the outside of your building? Whatever happens, though, don't forget that all important support under the nose wheel! -

This is only the first part of our Derelict Plane Hunting Series - stay tuned fro more! In the meantime, go exploring and spotting more winged (rusted) pieces of history - just don't go digging too far:

(original unknown)

"Tom Moran launched Urban Ghosts Media in August 2009 after completing a fast-track journalism course in his hometown of Sheffield, UK. UGM is an alternative travel site with a focus on fascinating forgotten places and hidden history - the kind of places you'd love to check out but aren't necessarily at the top of your summer vacation list! Tom also contributes to British online newspaper The Daily Dust."