Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Most Dangerous Bridge in the World

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Most Dangerous Bridge in the World

Don't look down! But also notice how this guy pauses in the most dangerous spot and takes a sweeping look around with his camera. Oh... my... God... By the way, this is the Musou Tsuribashi bridge in Japan, more info.


The bridge at Aiguille du Midi at the Mont Blanc mountain is also pretty scary, though in a different way:

Do you see it in the photo below? If not, click to enlarge:

(images credit: Garrondo and Carsten Clasohm)

Today's pictures & links:

One Horse Power

A worthy addition to our "Strange Vehicles" series is this van with literally one horse power. Kurtsystems made it as an equine training system:

(images via)


A mile-long street art creation at the Sacred Week in Honduras

During the Semana Santa (Sacred Week) in Honduras people decorate the path of the procession and create literally miles-long piece of art on the pavement... see more pictures here:

(images credit: Wendy Wilbrink)

For another incredibly painstaking decoration, see Creation and Destruction of Sand Mandalas by the Buddhist monks in Tibet.


Tulip Fields Aerials

Spring hesitates to come to Calgary, so I am compelled to post these aerial shots of tulip fields in Netherlands:
(thanks Kara Marie!)

(images via 1, 2, 3)


Mixed fresh links for today:

The Most Remote Object in the Universe - [space]
Concept art for "The Road" - [apocalyptic] via
Near-perfect baby mammoth resurfaces - [nature]
Fire Tornado and Fire Whirl (info) - [wow pic]
The Amazing Art of Urban Camouflage - [urban]
Interview with illustrator C. Neimann - [cool art]
Stop boring Hugh Laurie - [fun video]
Business Card Catapult - [cool idea video]
Cute Korean Girl-Group Music Video - [fun video]
The Curacao Treasure Hunt Campaign - [pretty neat contest]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]


Huge Railroad Guns from Russia

Railway heavy cannon (used with armored trains) on display in Sevastopol, Ukraine, and another one, TM-180, left in a rusted condition on a track in Russian forest:

(images via)


Another fascinating lizard is a Thorny Devil

Continuing the theme of our popular article about Komodo Dragons, here is a Thorny Devil, also known in Australia as the Moloch.

(image credit: Cain Doherty)

They absorb moisture through their skins. Fascinating to watch. The thorny devil actually moves the moisture around the outside of their body and direct it into their mouths. Essentially they drink by standing in a puddle - see video here.


Sand Sculpture Festival

Continuing the subject of our page Extreme Sand Sculpting, here are images from the World Sand Sculpture Festival in 2009, see more here -

(images via)


Awesome speaker systems

and a very nice car paint:


Cats & Dogs

(originals unknown)


Mysterious Japanese Label

I wonder what it says in Japanese...



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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hamburger Coloring Pages

Food is a source of energy that is required by our bodies. Everyone needs energy to perform their daily activities. Therefore, we must take food that has a lot of energy, so that our bodies become healthier and stronger. And remember, do not eat too many foods that have low nutritional value and energy, because the body will weak and powerless.


The Pasta Monster (And Other Strange Food Art)

Link - by Avi Abrams

Don't stare at your food, or it will stare back at you

In Strange Food Special and Creative Food Manipulation you've seen many weird (and tasty?) results of artists playing with food, mostly in a sculptural way (creative cooking will require its own page, I'm sure)

Nike Air Max 90 Burger, by Olle Hemmendorff)

We'll start with a cabbage bra, by Edith Zimmerman, and her "Alien Autopsy" piece:

(images credit: Edith Zimmerman)

Playing with food packaging: Coke bottle scorpion (even using the cap ring) -

(image credit: Kevin O'Mara)

Here is another great set of "playing with food", by Vanessa Dualib from Brazil.

Fast food! Check out the side-view mirror detail... on the right is the "potatosaurus" -

(images credit: Vanessa Dualib)

(original unknown)

Speaking of vegetable transportation, here is a "Radish-Bus", made by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers (buy their book here):

(images credit: Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers)

We featured creative Bento Boxes before, but here is an artist that needs to be mentioned, her set is simply fantastic:

Bento on the right apparently won't load:

(images credit: Kitsa Sakurako)

Welcome our new carrot overlords!

Sometimes you don't need art to make creations of Mother Nature any weirder. Witness the Long Javelot Carrot found in the Tokyo supermarket:

(image via)

Sure, it looks grand, but it's not the longest - the longest carrot on record is 19 feet 2 inches:

(images via CarrotMuseum, Larry Krause)

This series, commissioned by Greenpeace, made carrots (and green peas) cool again; maybe even kids would eat their vegetables now - info:

(images credit: Fubiz)

You might have seen this watermelon carving by one Chinese company before, but it's nothing short of amazing, so we are going to show it here:

(original unknown)

The other popular way to play with a watermelon, is to reshape it (by patiently growing it in a custom box) - on the other hand, this could be just a Worth1000 manipulation, what do you think -

(original unknown)

A new entry in the epic egg drama (an on-going project by Nocturnal Moth from Norway, see more here)

(image credit: nocturnalmoth)

Another entry in our collection of weird food: The Meatball Bubblegum, yum! - and The Bubblegum Wienies, order them here:

(image via)

Also check out these PES skulls (created by EatPes) -

(images credit: eatpes)

Some food Victorian posters are creepy... On the right is the Russian "Night-time Pancakes" 1900s art (see more great Pre-Soviet advertising posters here). It has somewhat haunted feel to it:

Weirdest Cooking Appliances and Cutlery

The hottest food requires the hottest BBQ:

Not a morning person? This will help to prepare a gun-shaped omelet to ease you into the day:

Freddy Kruger's Finger Forks... and Pacman oven mitts, seen here:

(images via)

More surreal food manipulation that might or might not make you hungry

The Pasta Monster... and the herring fish stockings...

(images via)

Suicidal and adventurous food:

(image credit: ballatamas)

Some drinks are not safe either.... this light bulb image is sort of disturbing:

(images via)

Meat grinder from somebody's nightmare (marriage gone bad):

(image credit: Ingvear)

(images via)

"In 2006 artists Nicolas Lampert and Micaela O’Herlihy created a gigantic Attention Chicken! which they toured around Milwaukee generating mixed reactions." - more info

(original unknown)

Make it!... and eat it:

(original unknown)

We started with a hamburger (sort of) and we're going to finish with one:

(image credit: Sarah Illenberger)


Also Read: The Tasty Art of Chocolate and Candy

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