Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Adorable Micro Cars

World's Smallest Vehicles, Part 3

World’s Strongest Drinks & Strange Liquor

From Baby Mouse Wine... to Large Spiders & Snakes in Alcohol

Vintage Bibliomysteries: Books Can Be Fatal!

Books, Bookstores and Libraries That Are Out to Get You

Trains and Railways Extravaganza

Streamlined Train Wonders of the Art Deco Era

Kitchen Appliances That Bite

"The Brave Little Toaster That Changed My Life"

Spectacularly Creative Ads, Issue 13

A Veritable Fort Worth of Eye-Candy!

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Schizophrenic Episode Simulation"

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Mouse vs. Concrete"

Link Latte #138 - Click Here

Link Latte #137 - Click Here

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Horse Coloring Pages

You glutton for outdoor activities, the choice to enjoy with your family is very diverse. Guaranteed to provide a different experience. Especially for the little guy. Times this weekend, trekking and horse riding activities can be used as an option.

Inviting little riding, certainly exciting. Ride a horse gives many benefits. Besides recreation, beautify body posture, and beneficial to cure autism disorders in children. No need all the way to your favorite place, you and your family can also enjoy this activity.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Link Latte 138

#138 - Week of July 28, 2010

Immerse Yourself in 1908 - [hi-res urban scene]
Fantastic "Blue Holes" Caves in Bahamas, also - [photos]
Rollercoaster City: Exciting! - [must-see video ad]
Conquering 5642m Elbrus Mountain, Plus 2 Meters! - [real photo]
Fake Ancient Coins Comparisons, Forgery Art? - [fascinating]
Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming - [nature, travel]
Strange Horizontal "Tornado" Cloud - [extreme weather]
This Is What a 1,000-MPH Car Looks Like, hmm, well... - [auto]
Gorgeous, Nostalgic 8-bit Graphics - [gallery, click next]
World's Strongest Ale (in Dead Animal Bottles) - [weird]
Beautiful and Rare Paper Money Collection - [vintage]
Dangerous Suitcase Stickers - [weird, design]
Vertigo: High Rise Balancing Act, Chicago 1955 - [pics, scroll down]
Creative Ice Cube Trays Ideas - [design]
Octopuses, or Octopi? - [surprizingly neat video]
Nara Dreamland: Abandoned Park, more - [Japan exploration]
The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World - [pics, scroll down]
Photoshop Used as a "Time Machine" - [pics, scroll down]
Awesome Russian Churches Photography, example - [gallery]
Electric Butterfly in a Jar - [Japanese geek art]
Banksy-Inpired: Russian Graffiti by Sharik - [pics, scroll down]
Restored Footage to "Metropolis" (1927) - [great news]
Japanese Green Tea Ad: Truly Bizarre - [fun video]
Ant Drinking from a Drop of Water - [cute video]
The Highliner: Totally Extreme Tightrope Walking - [wow video]
Good Times and Dancing from 1965 - [Shindig video]
Fantastic Magic Trick: Weird Awakening - [wow video]
Become a fan of the Loaded Questions board game! - [a chance to win $$]
(Hungry) Carnivorous Flowers and Plants - [compilation]


Monday, July 26, 2010

Schizophrenic Episode Simulation

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Schizophrenic Episode Simulation

Hearing voices... hidden threats... conspiracies, surreal effects... This video allows viewers to walk in the shoes of a schizophrenic person, and is designed by Janssen, a pharmaceutical company. Warning: extreme hallucinations!


Today's pictures & links:

Awesome Ice Rock Structures

"Close Encounters of the Ice Kind"? This weird ice-covered cliffs are Manpupuner Rock Formations located in North Ural Mountains, Russia:

(image credit: Sergei Makurin)

You can see official images of these rocks here, or look at the gallery of Sergei Makurin for more atmospheric shots.

(images credit: Sergei Makurin)


These Are Truly Inspired Machines

We covered some gorgeous and unique motorcycles before, but this custom bike is something else and entirely roadworthy, despite looking like some hypothetical 3D render job (or unused Akira concept art):

(image via)

1930 Henderson Custom is another extraordinary motorcycle - this time designed in Art Deco style (more info and images). Check out these wicked blades in the back:

(images via)


I Am Not Afraid!

(original unknown)


Mixed fresh links for today:

The Biggest Star, in Comparison - [awesome picture]
BioShock Photo Shoot: Spectacular Slideshow - [steampunk set]
Fortified Towers of Kaiping - [travel, weird]
Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence - [fascinating]
A House Made of Meat? - [wow architecture]
Everything You Need to Know About Starcraft Phenomenon - [chart]
The Apollo Astronauts' Fascinating Insurance Covers - [space]
Translate it to Death using Google - [funny site]
Most Intelligent Bird: Uses a Hook - [wow video]
Stop-Motion Walk Across America - [wow video]
Train Lays Its Own Track, Train Destroys Track - [wow video]
Cows & Cows & Cows - [surreal video]
New Online Games Hub at NationalGeographic - [games]


Surreal and Unexpected in Paintings by Amy Guidry

Great addition to Surreal Art Update: wonderfully twisted paintings by Amy Guidry:

(images credit: Amy Guidry)



(Victorian Post Card)


The Dark Side of Tetris

If you ever wondered what goes on before the appearance of these chopped pieces on your screen, here is your chance:

(image via)


Art of the Catacomb

Denise Rouleau and Mark D Roberts view mummies in a curious way. They are repugnant and at the same time captivating. "The framework for the catacombs consists mainly of vintage type-face cases which are disassembled and reworked into unique pieces of architecture to house the mummy figures." There is also an eerie video about their work.

(images via)

This exhibition might remind you of the existence of Paris Catacombs where nearly six million unmarked skeletal remains line the tunnels for miles...


Strange Tank Monster

This picture is somewhat of a mystery. Wojciech K. writes to us: "I've found (without any information and details) this picture of a tank based hoover/blower. Some people suggested that it's a mobile fog/smoke generator. I personally think that this may be for blowing water onto burning oil wells." Any other ideas?

(sent in by Wojciech K.)

Check out more strange tanks in our popular series.

UPDATE: This is "Progrev (Warming Up) - T", Russian mine-sweep tank with a jet engine from the aircraft! Blew the soil to open mines. It was tested (successfully) in Afghanistan. More info (in Russian), via.
(special thanks to Stranger_NN for information)


One Really Profound Infographic

(image via)

How Lucky Are You? - See the original here.


From Bad to Worse


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Avatar Coloring Pages The Last Air Bender

Avatar Coloring Pages
The story is a world that has four civilisations, namely Spare Air (Water Tribe), Royal Land (Earth Kingdom), Air Nomads (Air Nomads), and the Nation of Fire (Fire Nation). In every nation there are people who are called Bender (bending, or in this case the controllers) that have the ability to control the natural elements according to their nations.

Control the natural elements of this art is a fusion style of martial arts and magic of natural elements. In every generation, there is someone capable of controlling all four elements, is being called as the Avatar, the spirit of the planet incarnate in human form. When the Avatar dies, he will be reborn in a nation that always turn alternately in accordance with the cycle of Avatars (Avatar Cycle), which along with the seasons: winter for water, spring for earth, summer for fire, and autumn for air.

Avatar Coloring Pages image
Avatar Coloring Pages photo
Avatar Coloring Page
Avatar Coloring sheet

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adorable Micro Cars, Part 3

Link - article by Avi Abrams

World's Smallest Vehicles: Some Are Ugly, Some Are Cute, All Are Fondly Remembered

As today's economy continues to shake and stagger, most people find themselves in the "savings" and "fuel efficiency" mode when it comes to cars - and so the idea of small, easy to park and to maintain micro cars remains popular. Plus even from purely design and vintage collector's viewpoint, these cars can possess more cuteness and nostalgia factor than your favorite childhood toys. Just like a well-worn toy teddy bear, they are extremely cuddly and adorable.

Some of these models provoke immediate "love it" or "hate it" response... Enjoy this collection and do not miss Part 1 and Part 2 of this popular series.

(images via 1, 2)

Allard Clipper, Great Britain, 1954

This car looked simply fantastic. Two kids could ride in the trunk (see image below). It had hree Wheels. And it came complete with the pilot's goggles (just kidding). So you ready to hunt it down? Well, "it is believed that only about twenty such cars were made before the project came to an end, and only two examples are known to survive, one in a German museum and one in England." (more info):

(images via 1)

Want a small pickup truck? Austin A-35 fits the bill:

(image via)

Italian Vespa company made not only the famous scooters, but also cars (1958):

(image via)

Hungary produced many cute/ugly models of micro cars in the 1950s. Here is Alba Regia (left) and Balaton (right), 1956:

(bottom left: 1954 prototype Uttoro; bottom right: Alba Regia)

Is this car frowning? is it grumpy? "Balaton", again:

How many people fit in the car on the left? You must be kidding me:

(image via)

For a more exhaustive look at all Hungarian micro-car models, click here.

Variations of Goggomobile, Spain:

(images via)

De Carlo 200 Minicar from Argentina looks exactly like a toy plastic car:

(images via)

Dinarg D-200, also from Argentina, has somewhat haughty and slightly stuck-up demeanor. This model is from 1962:

(images via)

NSU Prinz I, II, III and 30 - from Argentina:

(images via)

NSU Prinz 4 shown below is better known to Russian people as the "New Zaporozhetz" ZAZ-966 - another example of "swiped" design by Soviet automakers:

(left: NSU, via - right: ZAZ, Russia)

NSU Wankel Spider sported some pleasant lines, even though it was really tiny:

Marathon Corsair had style, too:

Here is a little grey mouse: German Fuldamobile S2 (more info

(images via)

More Fuldamobiles, including an interesting Attica, produced under license in Greece:

(image via)

German Champion 400, 1953 - more info - also was a convertible:

(images via 1, 2)

Another German fascinating micro car is Tempo (making Matador and Hanseat micro-trucks since 1924). These cars are quite collectible and rare nowadays:

(more info, image via)

1960 Berkely T-60 three-wheeled convertible:

(images via)

Very attractive Crosley convertible from 1947:

(images via)

There was Crosley station wagon, Crosley "Scorpion", 1952:

... and even Crosley Little Chief fire truck (1950):

(images via)

What about today?

Speaking of modern small and micro cars, this example from Lancia, Italy, looks pretty inviting and classy:

(image via)

Nissan Figaro from 1991 had some sophisticated roof retraction mechanism:

(image via)

On the DIY front, here is a bizarre recent one called Moonbeam, which will give you 100mpg - more info

(image via)

Rarities of the micro kind

Scootmobile and Meyra oddities (any info on these?):

(images via)

(Skoda in Prague Airport, image via)

1975 Mini-Comtesse and 1979 Mini-Comtesse Break, France:

Microbe! and Alta 200 from Greece:

Another mini-car? truck? scooter? from Greece: Delta Minitriadi, 1968 (left) and Mitsuoka BUBU Shuttle 50 from Japan (right):

(images via)

Here is a microcar starring in one Soviet movie... and a green bubble car, blown to some frightening proportions:

(originals unknown)

Then there were micro cars, small concept cars and hot rods that defied characterization. Some of them were designed by George Barris (known as the King of Kustomizers), or Ed Roth, and looked like something from Hot Wheels back catalog:

(images via)

("Orbitron", by Ed Roth, more info)

And we can't forget the sinister "Hannibal" car from the 1965 movie "The Great Race", full of James Bond-worthy tricky gadgetry:

Small Cars in Vintage Rally Competitions

Ideally suited for narrow European roads... and immensely photogenic:

(model of Simca 1000 Rallye 2, Rali de Monte Carlo 1973, via)

(Mini at Monte Carlo Rally, via)

Racing micro-cars seems like fun - more info:

(image via)

Amazingly, even with three articles in this series, we did not cover all microcar models... One good source for collectors is Microcar Club page and Wiki's List of Microcars by country of origin. Also of interest is Minutia - MicroCars Club Magazine. Stay tuned from more coverage of unique vintage automobiles.

(image via)

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