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Oops! Weirdest Accidents, Part 5


Nothing is as fascinating as an unexplained accident...

Indeed, every picture here is an unopened book of driver's angst, remorse and often complete confusion. Here is the fresh installment in our on-going "Accidents Big and Small" series, full of mystifying and bizarre accidents, mostly suffered by vehicles on the ground (which is slightly more reassuring than accidents in the air, see our "Airplane Oops!" page.

Aaah! these pesky Google Maps markers!... not again -

(image credit: Arecibo)

Hit the target!

(image via)

Another "end of the road" in a very jarring way:

(image via)

What happened here?

(image via)

More info about the bottom right image, you can read here

M3 vs. a can of paint:

(image via)

Classic car, classic axle (and bearings) failure:

(images via)

This does not look good:
UPDATE: this seems to be a kind of "glue trap" being tested for stopping cars -

Car rolled down the hill and... took a dive into a pool (while the house owners were vacationing in Florida). The car was going at least 40mph when it hit the water. Read the whole story here

(image credit: York Daily Record)

Here is another occasion to lift a car out of trouble - this time from an icy pond:

(images credit: 1, 2)

Nothing like a cold shower on the way to work.... or after a stressful day in the office:

Well, actually, more details came about this event, it appears the effect was quite spectacular from any angle:

(images via)

Monstrous Mods:

(images via 1, 2)

Next picture you've probably seen already, so we're only going to link to it. Besides, it's a pretty sad story: one person was killed and 14 injured when this car collided with a group of cyclists in Northern Mexico.

In another bit of a news, "Mister Bean crashes £650,000 McLaren F1 sports car"! Don't believe it? Read it here.

Police car calamities (in the U.S., Canada and Russia)

Driving class calamities: Brian Baer from "The Sacramento Bee" took this shot of a Mazda RX7 that flew through air off westbound I-80, cleared a fence and flew 15 feet into the computer classroom, injuring many of the students listening to a lecture. This happened back in 2003 -

(image credit National Press, via)

Being squashed by an elephant:

(photo by Michael Nichols, National Geographic)

"Daniel Lentipo (pictured) and researcher George Wittemyer hunkered inside this truck while a bull named Rommel thrashed it, expressing some displaced aggression after a humbling face-off with another male."

...and by a Russian (unexploded) bomb:

(Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

"A Georgian Port Authority employee passes in front of a Russian rocket on August 11, 2008 in Poti, Georgia. The rocket landed on the Georgian Military Police car..."

Seeing how many photos of crazy accidents came from Russia, is it any wonder that the test dummies are refusing to cooperate for the LADA car promotion?


Parking properly is like a rocket science to some people

From the good old days, here is a creative approach to creating parking spaces, sort of like a PEZ dispenser - a car lift from 1931:

(image via Brian Shorey)

Modern version of the same thing... no, actually a sculpture:

(original unknown)

Speaking of car sculptures, heres the one featuring Land Rover SUVs - apparently a promotion to show that they can go... um, climb.... anywhere:
(the work of acclaimed artist Gerry Judah)

(images via)

This gotta be another promotional "sculpture", but it seems strange that the vehicle is upside down:

More images here - done for the Guinness Book of Records

Not enough space. Move over! -

(image via 1, Wojciech Alszer)

More parking stories:

(images via 1, 2)

When leaving the car parked for long time, make sure to make allowance for local climate:

Before moving your car, check for cats! -


Trucks, buses (and a heavy machinery) in various trouble

The bus was trying to go around a corner, when the driver stepped out to see if he could make the corner, but forgot to put it on the handbrake. Result: bus drove slowly forward into the water... This page has a video and pictures of lifting this bus out of the river.

(image credit:, via J. Ollie)

(image via)

what a miserable crane... spotted in India:

Don't ask me to explain this:

For the miraculous save, see this series of pictures:

(images via)

Imagine yourself as a driver inside this "doomed" machine... sliding, sliding.... stopping.


No matter how big the wheels, there is always a way to steal them:

While driving, make sure to notice these makeshift vendor booths (and maybe stop and do some shopping? She really must need some cash)

Do your homework when planning an impressive jump:

(image via)

And if your car is totalled, you always have this option:

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