Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Vertical Clouds"

This one is influenced by our recent trip to Europe, where many castles dot the landscape and bless our very soul, in some mysterious way.


a verse by Avi Abrams

The castle grows out of the mountain rock
Does it have roots there
or does it belong to the clouds?

The towers answer with a
sparkling gleam of a setting sun
reflected on stained-glass windows.

Is there a face there?
or is it just a smile, born of
a delicate thrust of archways and turrets
toward the melancholy sky.

No castle is ever alone among the scenery.
Whenever it plays host to
inquisitive clouds, or
acts as a candlestick to the moon

-- your heart grows stronger
in an amber drop of Permanence
caught between the rock and the sky.

Is it a gate?
or is it a ghost of Heaven
trickling down
into the meadows below?



Passover artwork

new messianic art by Rachel & Avi
@ April 2005

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