Sunday, November 28, 2010

Link Latte 146

#146 - Week of November 28, 2010

The Most Surreal Creature on Earth - [treehoppers!]
Spectacular Calendar of Heavy Machinery - [no girls, though]
Pyrophone: Musical Instrument for Explosions - [cool info]
Chip Autopsy: See What's Inside - [fascinating]
Japanese Land Crawler: Quite Impressive - [vehicles, robots]
Woman Claims Ownership of the Sun - [weird]
State Secrets: Finally! - [Wikileaks materials]
X-Ray Art: No, it's not about airport security - [art]
Ferromagnetic Liquid Towers - [wow science, video]
Space Shuttle for Honeymooners - [wow design]
Some Great Spaceship Art: You Know You Want It - [sci-fi art]
Geekiest Rugs, Clocks, Even Cutting Boards!- [design]
Tucker: Vintage Snow Drive - Stuck! - [wow video]
Fascinating Salt Wonders of the World - [travel, weird]
4th Amendment Underclothes - [for your air travel]
Most Incredible Sundials - [wow designs]
Weird PVC Pipe instrument - [wow video]
Weirdest Bat Discovered - [wow nature]
Building Towers from Humans - [interesting]
Epic Fight: Cats vs. Crows - [you have to see this]
Smoke Rings Cannon - [time wasting idea]
This Cat is a Pro with His Tail - [fun video]
"Short Time": One of the Best Movie Car Chases - [wow video]
Fantastic Bike Stunts - [wow video]
Evolution: Great Fluid Pencil Animation - [cool video]
Remember the Number! - [hilarious video]
Modern City on Steroids - [cool video ad]
Famous People You Did Not Know Were Adopted - [movies]
Collection of Wonderful Quotes - [compilation]
Awesome Sequel for "Leviathan": "Behemoth" - [steampunk trailer]



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