Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial - How to do Snow Dyeing

Amazingly cool technique! (Ha! Get it?)

Getting Started - Snow Dyeing Tutorial at Bloom, Bake & Create
"I have been dying to do this since I met Karen Hampton and interviewed her for my column in our local newspaper. I couldn’t stop drooling over her beautiful fabric.

Since we’ve had so much snow lately and I had rounded up everything I needed, I set out to try Karen’s technique and another I found on the Internet. I tried several batches with two different techniques, so I’ll cover the steps in separate posts.

For those of us who live in snowy areas, there is still time to play with this technique. If you are snowless, you can make snow with one of those snow cone machines or even chopped ice..." Read more

Be sure to read Technique #1 and Technique #2. Check out Ice Dyeing too whether or not you have snow!


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