Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love & Romance (Vintage and Funny Pics)

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Vintage & Classic Romance: Still Immensely Alluring!

On the heels of Valentine's Day, here is our new "Love, Romance & Other Natural Disasters" compilation. Don't miss the previous issue - full of laughs, loves and yes, alas, natural disasters. For those inclined to see more artistic side of courtship, have a look at the Fine Points of Romance.

Compiled from old illustrations and print advertisements, these cheerful slices of marital (and courtship) bliss from the 1950s and 1960s can still inspire and amuse today:

Swept off his feet! (chair, and all... this is illustration by Fred Irvin from the 1949 Collier's magazine):

(images via LIFE Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, via)

Some smoldering passion from the classic "Ben Hur" movie, via French Cinemonde magazine, 1960:

Another one from the French Cinemonde magazine, starring Jean Marais and Cathia Caro:

(image via)

Fragment of the Mole People poster, 1956:

The Sparkling Chrome American Dream:

Happiness comes pre-stocked with Hires Root Beer! -

And your own style of refrigerator -

On a date... with vinyl (notice the awesome "rabbit" toy):

Total inspiration for the comic artists... Illustration by Leonard Starr -

(image via)

Enchanting illustration from back in 1937, click to enlarge:

"Is there an air of freshness?" - Yes!

The key to man's heart -

Things go great in space ("Thrilling Wonder Stories" cover fragment, Summer 1945):

(image via)

Beautiful illustrations by Ward Brackett from the 1960s:

(images via)

Love/Romance vintage pulp magazine covers:

This cover is perhaps the most beautiful:

Just before romantic involvement... some guys really don't have a clue what they are looking for:

Granted, girls indeed can be mysterious:

But in the end, it all comes down to simple "Yes!" or "No!":

At first we always imagine our loved one as an angel:

Then, we are offered the proverbial apple... and all is settled, to mutual consent:

Not everything went smoothly even back in the days... there was some misunderstanding:

A Wedding to Remember:

(original unknown)

Cooking? We never talked about it! -

Well, there is another way to get food:

(images via LIFE Magazine, via)

Cats and ... hmm, aliens... need some romance, too:

(original unknown)

Looking forward to settling in a cozy house, full of your favorite things:

(art credit: Jacek Yerka)

If you're not careful, in time your loved one will start picking your brain - and she may even knit it! -

(image via)

Good old Star Wars hug:

(image via)

This is wonderful: the "Inner Beauty"? or the "Shadows of the Past"? -

(image credit: Lyubomir Bykov)

Simply beautiful, truly heart-felt work:

(image credit: Tim Girvin)

Good luck with your loved one, and not just on Valentine's Day, but throughout whole year! -

(original unknown)




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