Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Link Latte 151

#151 - Week of February 15, 2011

The Octopus & the Beer Bottle: Escape! - [neat video and info]
Snow "Monsters" of Japan - [wow nature]
A Multi-mission Space Exploration Vehicle - [new NASA idea]
Hitler's Lost Sub: A Documentary - [13-parts series]
Abandoned Lifeboat at the World's End - [fascinating]
Largest Pot Bust in History: See It Burn - [wow pic]
Delightfully Creepy: The Human Eye Mechanism - [wow video]
An Army of Egg Robots - [well, actually fighter planes]
World's total CPU power: one human brain - [wow science]
Great Moments in History of Flight - [wow postcards]
Spectacular Earth Fly-by, part of Outerra Project - [wow video]
Nice English City in 360 Panoramas- [cool site]
Post-Rock Audio Experience: In B-Flat - [cool video site]
A Death-defying Ride on a Rope Bridge - [wow travel]
Great Collection of "New Yorker" Magazine Covers - [vintage]
Buildings from Recycled Crates and Phone Booths! - [wow designs]
Cool Idea: Camera in a Small House - [geek tech]
CleverBot: Have a Conversation - [if you did not yet]
Riding a Moose is Easy - [interesting]
Some of the Greatest Movie Stunts - [compilation]
More Awesome Pre-makes: Empire Strikes Back - [fun videos]
Nasty Surprise at Dinner - [fun video]
Adorable Chipmunk in Slow Motion - [cute video]
Getting on a Train in Burma - [wow video]
Neat video on installing a huge bridge - [cool video]
Snow Explosion on a Highway: Oops! - [wow video]
Bushells Tea: The City of Tomorrow (1941) - [cool retrofuture video]
Where to keep the toilet paper? - [interior design tips]
Fairy Tale Meadows: Nature Photography - [compilation]



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