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September 11 Premonitions


"I Told You So" will be just too cruel thing to say

When we reflect upon the horrendous events of 9-11, we can't help but stumble upon different premonitions and uncanny coincidences that took place BEFORE any of this had happened. This article is an attempt to collect together all such instances of unintentional insight and creepy prediction.

We'll start with the most incredible of them all, courtesy U.S. Mail Service:

An ad from Pakistan (!) Airlines, printed in 1979:

(image credit: Pristina)

World Trade Center brochure, 1984:

(image credit:

An example of really bad timing:

(image credit: Emily Paup)

We linked once to this book cover already: amazingly, science fiction became a terrible fact on this occasion: "Year's Best Science Fiction #2", ed. by Gardner Dozois, art by Thomas Kidd... (courtesy kdecay)

Domed Manhattan is nothing new, but WTC is definitely in trouble:

What exactly hits the towers? This page from a very famous Spanish comic named "Mortadelo y Filemon" shows it without any doubt... It originally appeared in 1993.

(sent in by Tony, from Valls)

Another comic, appeared in 1984, see here.

Fragment of a fantasy painting by Boris Vallejo, 1997:

These Trading Cards (INWO by Steve Jackson games) were printed in 1993/1994:

Eerie Russian ad, which appeared in the issue of "Renovations & Interior Decorating" magazine on the week of 3-9 September, 2001 (!!!!)
(it basically says that the company makes the original designs, not the copies of existing skyscrapers) - via

The following ad probably dates back to the early 1970's. Found by by Eric Luttrell, who writes: "Apparently the builders were banned at one point for using any more asbestos in the WTC after 1971. Per the entry on Wikipedia: "Asbestos was used in the first 40 floors of the World Trade Towers and ended up contaminating the air around lower Manhattan after the towers collapsed. Steven Milloy suggests that the World Trade Center towers could still be standing or at least would have stood longer had a 1971 ban not stopped the completion of the asbestos coating above the 64th floor."

Also, as a part of "Low-flying Aircraft" collection of vintage float pens, we have one where the plane literally flies into WTC: (send in by David Fogg)

Unfortunate coffee mug:

(image credit: Capo2)

General Electric advertisement for a fridge (2000):

"The Coup" CD, created before 9-11

"Tom Clancy wrote two bestselling thrillers about a pilot deliberately flying a fuel-laden jet into the Capitol building and killing the President and top leadership (Debt of Honor, 1994; Executive Orders, 1996)" - More here.

Comic heroes had their share of unfortunate WTC references:

Spiderman, 1991:

Wonder Woman actually flies her plane into WTC:

And Optimus Prime hangs between the destroyed towers in the old "Transformers" comic:

Sesame Street monster on a rampage:

All of these, of course, occurred unintentionally, but there were pictures that photographers took on purpose, having some strangely powerful premonitions of the event. Here is the image Chris McKinstry took in 2000, while having a thought that something like this may happen:

Read a sad account of Chris McKinstry life and death here...

A couple of pictures in memory of WTC:

(image credit: Stefano)

"An impossible vista, now"

(image credit: Chris McKinstry)

There was "Faith before they fell"
(that church got destroyed,too) -

(image credit: Gary H. Spielvogel)

There is still faith, after.

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