Friday, September 28, 2007

Exquisite Eggshell Carvings


Fragile & Intricate Masterpieces

Remember the highly praised Faberge eggs from the courts of Russian tzar? Modern masters of eggshell filigree carving make similarly detailed works, using only the nature-given material: eggshell itself, cut in creative patterns by hand with high-speed drills.

Some of the fascinating galleries available on the web include the work of Ron Cheruka (you can also buy his work there, just make sure of the proper HANDLING and shipping) and Gary LeMaster, the Eggshell Sculptor.

On this page you will see the work of Lew Jensen, Don Lisk and Brian Baity, as well as various Russian and Chinese egg sculptors, with some glimpses into the creation of these carvings.

(image credit: Don Lisk)

(images credit: Lew Jensen)

(images credit: Lew Jensen)

(images credit: Lew Jensen)

(images credit: Brian Baity)

"The Grecian Urn" by Gary LeMaster

"Garters" by Gary LeMaster

"Cranes" by Gary LeMaster

"Unicorn" by Ron Cheruka

"Captured Teardrop" by Gary LeMaster

"Trapped" by Gary LeMaster

The master at work:

This video shows the artist in process of creation the "egg masterpiece":

Another company - EggStasy Creations - will make carvings out of the ostrich eggs and even manufacture lamps out of them. As long as you supply the egg... no, just joking, they'll have an egg for you.

See more lamps here.

Sources: Frogview, FunForever, Profitable Hobbies


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