Monday, September 17, 2007

Category: Military

You're in the Army Now (Funny Pics)

The Funniest Moments from the Military All Over the World
Radical Screw-propelled Vehicles

Moving sideways, and often unstoppable
Ekranoplans Showcase, Part 2

Mind-boggling, unique concepts
Riot Vehicle with Water Cannon (used in Colombia)

A detailed look at the newest SWAT truck
Real Life Spy Gadgets - For the secret agent in all of us

Ignorance is bliss... no more
Wonder Weapons of World War Two

Made in Germany, 1940-1945
Monstrous Aviation, Part 2: Huge Helicopters!

"Let's see how insanely huge we can make them!"
Apocalyptic Scientific Experiments

Not always clean or painless, but can be very quick
Chrome-delicious Robot Art & Ray Guns

Army of miniature robots gets bigger... and bigger...
Dieselpunk: Love Affair with a Machine

Surreal industrial art & culture
Awesome Military (Funny Pics)

Get Your Fix of Funny Pictures
KABOOM! Biggest Blasts in History

Largest Non-Nuclear Explosions
The Biggest Guns in Human History

It's not the size that matters... or is it?
Cold War Echo: Gas Masks

What would Joker wear?
Amazing Submarine Concepts

Every kind, except the yellow ones
Extreme Exploration:
Russian Nuclear Research Facilities

Deep under the mountain, or in the world's deepest lake
Miniature Spy Guns, Part 2

Do not move while I destroy you, Mr Bond
Police Can be Intense
(Funny Pics)

"Are you talking to me?"
Airship Dreams

Extreme Dirigibles for the modern age
Gas Mask Fashion, Part 2

History wears a gas mask
Miniature Spy Guns

The smaller, the deadlier
Tank Accidents! - Part 2

Not every tank likes a challenge
Power Enforcers:
Anti-Riot Police Vehicles

Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Giant Iceberg Aircraft Carrier

Strange Dream of a Frozen Navy
Unique Soviet Snowmobiles

Weird, giant, fantastic machines
Modernist Art in Camouflage

Naval fleets as the largest painting canvases in the world.
Strange Tanks, Part 2

Colossal and Unthinkable Monsters
Awesome Tank Modification

This church means business
Abandoned Ionospheric Research Station

Rusting Giant Antennas in the Middle of Ukrainian Forest
Firing Countermeasures (Flares)

Aerial Beauty That Just May Save Your Soul
Ballistic News

Fear & Loathing inside Missile Bases
Life in the Military (Funny Pics)

It's a Blast!
Flying Submarines

Sky Captain's dream come true
Tank Bling!

Hummer owners should shudder - either with envy or disgust
The Biochemical "Oops" List

Welcome to Weirdsville: "I don't feel so good ...."
Abandoned Tunnels & Vast Underground Spaces

Top Secret Soviet Underground Submarine Base
The Thermonuclear "Oops" List

Good Night America... and Good Luck to us all
History of the Tailsitter Airplanes

First VTOL concepts
"Jets & Clouds" Effects

A new dance in the sky
Soviet Army Super Vehicles

Additional images of these many-wheeled monsters
Strange Towers of the Third Reich

Not just phallic symbols of power
How to Wash Airplanes?

or rather, how NOT to wash them...
Ekranoplans Showcase

Cold War Monsters
Stealth Ships!

what happens if you cross an attack helicopter with a high-speed ship?
A Tight Race with a Plane

Formula One car "Spyker F8-VII" takes on F-16 fighter jet
Cold War: Gas Mask Fashion

Experience You Don't Forget
Tank Accidents!

I am Invincible!! ...Not Quite
Russian Ballistic Missile Carriers

Unparalleled in the world
Strange Tanks

When the military decides to get weird, it's gets REALLY weird
Dream of Solo Flight

Your own personal sky
WWII Nazi's Tank Manuals - unexpectedly hilarious!

How to "blow'em all up!" and have some fun in the process.
Anti-U.S. Posters from North Korea

Communist Propaganda in its most ominous form
One Seriously Empowered Motorcycle

The Little (Vintage) Scooter That Could... Maybe


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