Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Elementary Dating for Men

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Rowan Atkinson does what he does best.

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Love Filter:

(image credit: Jeff Davis)

Rubik Cubism (click image for more):

(image credit: Space-invaders.com)

Nuns Having a Ball: (will go well with this page)

(original unknown)

Babies from hell (click the image for more):

(art by Jon Beinart)

Mixed fresh links for today:

Best Micro-Photography (scroll down) -1, 2, 3 - [wow gallery]
Collection of the most unusual gadgets - [cool site]
Unfortunate translations in advertising - [interesting]
Art made from penknives, supposedly by Russian prisoners - [art]
Creepy Hand Soap - [design]
Water Flows Uphill (seemingly) - [art]
Frequency of having sex varies by country - [chart]
Comic Book & Pulp Covers: All in One Place - [vintage]
Finger Skateboarding - [cool video]


(original unknown)

another one:


Not so happy:


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