Saturday, September 29, 2007

Link Latte 28

#28 - Week of September 29, 2007

Lunar Surrogate in Arizona - [fascinating]
Full Scans of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript, info - [mystery]
The Strangest Sights in Google Earth - [gallery]
The Lost Moon Project - [gallery]
World's Stupidest Conspiracies - [weird]
The Cat's Eye Nebula mind-boggling pic - [space]
View the entire collection of Hubble pictures - [wow space]
Living in 3 Centuries: The Face of Age - [photography]
7 Unusual Propeller Driven Vehicles - [vintage tech]
One of the best aviation photography websites - [airplanes]
The Most Useless Periodic Table - [strange]
US Highest Buildings: Conglomerate Skyline - [architecture]
Invisible Octopus - [wow video]
Strange Japanese Chewing Gum - [cool article]
The original (real) Borat page - [weird site]
New Bizarre Quality of Water - [science]
Big Fish for a Big Appetite - [nature]
Aerial Fashion Photography - [design]
Good Food Fight - [flash site]
The Living Dead of the OS world - [computers]
World's Most Beautiful Genius - [photos]
Worst Oops on Live TV Ever - [gross video]
Great Way to Close a Bag of Chips - [useful video]
A butler from hell - [fun video]
A Definition of Cuteness - [cute video]
George Lucas in Love: Internet Classic - [hilarious video]
Darth Vader Plays Blues - [fun video]
150 Monty Python Videos all in one place - [videos]



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