Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cute Vintage Album Covers


Good Source of Old-Fashioned Optimism

There are a lot of places on the web where you can see "the ugliest LP covers", or "the weirdest LP covers" (like here, and here, for example) There is also a good site for "cheesecake", or glamour album covers. In this post we decided to collect simply the covers that we like, on some subconscious level, either because of their strange themes, or just because they're cute. Or just because... In any case, enjoy.

There is a music for anything -

Would you like to listen to business letters?

or to airplane noise?

Time to bring out the pretty girls:

Cuties pop out in all kinds of places:

Be careful with these Katz brothers:

A few classics:

Album art by the great artist Richard Powers:

This guy seems to be a little distracted:

Interesting view on Paris:

Truckers, pay attention:

This truck helps with music - "with sounds effects of cement mixer and (crunchiest) celery stalks":

Ladies falling for musical instruments:

If you put musical instruments "on ice" they will still work:

Space calling:

Guys are doing fine, too:


Time to get "Windows" 4.0 upgrade -

Cool repairs:

Additional sources:,, "Under The Cover And Over The Top" the University of Missouri-Kansas City American Studies Program and the Marr Sound Archives, a division of the Kenneth J. LaBudde Department of Special Collections, Miller Nichols Library.

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