Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life in the Military (Funny Pics)


It's a Blast!

Even the harshest life in the most dangerous environment brings a funny moment sometimes. Enjoy this collection of military and police-themed photos, sent in to us in the past couple of months, with sources mostly being, Exler, KenigTiger, Paravoz and various Israeli Army forums.

Army Training

Photo: EPA / Sergei Chirikov

Extreme field exercises:

Learning to fly:

Sleeping in the field:
(images credit: Jean-Marc Bouju, Eric Feferberg, AP/Reuters)

(image credit: WarOnline)

Aah... The Good Life -

Exciting pasttimes, too :)
(don't worry, it's Photoshop)

UPDATE: The picture above is actually not a Photoshop job (thanks Eric Luttrell). According to this link, "In fact, it was taken in October 1978, as the Big E was leaving the Philippines... and this was seen as an acceptable way to get rid of an old, no longer needed car."

This one is certainly Photoshop:

Army Knives: In Switzerland -

in Russia -

Cool army vehicles:

This is a real museum piece, an armored train vehicle:

A concept art for farmers:

Good for American farmers, too:

Women in the Army

Check out the wonderful forum of various sfw pictures of girls in Israeli Army.

women in the other armies:

taking care of kids:

North Korean parade:

North Korean militia:

Russian Parade:
(photos by Vladimir Lipka)

Faces of the Russian Militia

Documented by "Roulon Oboev" photographer (not a real name - it means "a roll of wallpaper" in Russian)

Classic Soviet recruitment poster:

(image credit: Valery Korneev)

Real life for young recruits is definitely not that exciting:

All known sources are cited inside the article. Other images came from sites and emails which did not credit the original photographers. Please help us to find out this information, so that we could include the credits.


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