Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crazy Animated Walls


Amazing "painting on the walls" animation by Blu.
Here is another: "Walking" - via Wooster Collective

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(image credit: Caledosphere)

(original unknown)

This cradle is called "gavra" in Uzbekistan. The pipe attachment is an extra, added by some "inventive" parent.

(image credit: Karaul)

Mixed fresh links for today:

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Post-it notes office worker angel - [art]
Unusual Volcano Eruption Picture - [nature]
Japanese Wasp Crackers - [weird food]
Abandoned Dry Dock Revitalization - [architecture]
Dancing Hot Dogs - [flash]
Wholly Original Building Shape - [architecture]
The Real Invisible Man - [hilarious video]

Topsoil Erosion - via reddit

(image credit: Sixteen)


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