Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Awesome (and Rare) Car Chase

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Another Awesome (and Rare) Car Chase -
from the French comedy "Pas de Problème!" (1975)
("No Problem!") - imdb, directed by Georges Lautner.

This chase is not that well known, partly because it was used as an opening credits in a movie unknown in the US.


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This could be the weirdest cloud ever:
(click on image to read the story about it)

(image credit: Gregory Varano)

Paying for your dinner in Zimbabwe:

Russian Nuclear Sub:

(image credit: SSG Archive)

Techno Music:

Mixed fresh links for today:

Stanislav Petrov: the man who saved the world - [scary]
Northern Lights: Beautiful - [gallery]
Boy Rides Inside the Airplane's Wing - [weird]
These hand gestures can land you in trouble - [useful]
Galileo's Middle Finger - [weird]
Outer Space Exposure - [interesting]
Most Unexpected Appearance of Hitler - [fun video]
Tied Down Helicopter - [video]
Do not try that in your SUV - [wow video]

New cool building in Harajuku, Japan:
(click here for the full set)

(image credit: Jean Snow)

Kangaroo Suicide:
(who knows what the poor animal had in mind...)

(image credit: ninjapants)


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