Monday, September 3, 2007

Fungus, Lichen, & Moss


Most of them are beautiful, some are deadly

Even though the title of this article sounds like a name for some obscure lawyer firm, the beauties in question usually fare far worse in terms of reputation. Most people shudder if they happen to touch the slimy fungus or fruiting moss, and rarely have an inclination to give them a closer look. A few Russian photographers from the group have braved the damp silent woods and came up with a veritable photographic delights: (sent in by Kiriko, thanks)

(images credit: Alex Zen)

(images credit: Sergei Kuznetzov)

(images credit: July Flower)

(image credit: TAND)

(image credit: DK)

(images credit: July Flower)

(images credit:, photo by M. Krivonogy)

(image credit: VVZ)

Watch your step! There is a man in the moss:

(image credit: bAG_1978)

Lichen are our friends. All you have to do is to return their offered handshake.

(image credit: XTRO)

Here is some lichen covered rock in Kananaskis (Rocky Mountains):

(image credit: Avi Abrams)

Know your fungus. I am going to hit a book store to find out some of the proper names for these dark forest masterpieces. Then our next humble hike might even turn into an enlightening experience, if we keep noticing the small, the fleeting and the beautiful.

(original unknown)

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