Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make a Tote / Grocery Bag out of a Vintage Pillowcase

Very cute! Love the vintage design and the ricrac!
Oh, and watch the video! What a great, easy technique! I've never seen that!

Tote / Grocery Bag out of a Vintage Pillowcase Tutorial at
"Well, here it is! My very first tutorial. After being burrowed away in the house during what feels like the dead of winter (why does spring have to be so far away??) I had the itch to make something spring-like. Since there are no flowers in sight, I was happy to dig this yellow, vintage, flowery pillowcase out of my little craft cabinet. After a few minutes of pondering the possibilities, I decided that I would make a tote bag because the one I carry my library books in can’t keep up with the amount of books that I check out. But, I just may use this as a purse. And I’ll definitely make a few and use them as grocery totes..." Read more


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