Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tutorial - How to Make a Lips Shaped Boo Boo Ice Pack

So cute! That will definitely fix any boo boo!

Owie Kisses Tutorial at Always Expect Moore
"Now that Little Moore is two, I've been giving him lots and lots of kisses... to fix his boo-boos. For most owies, a single kiss is enough, but some need a little "moore" TLC. We've had some standard ice packs for a while, but I made these lip-shaped ones for something a little different.
The inside is rice. In the past I've used plain ol' rice... but this time I used some special rice. This rice was leftover from when Mr. Moore and I got married. It is "bird safe" rice made especially for weddings, and it is made in a HEART shape!..." Read more


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