Friday, June 6, 2008

Surfing on High-Speed Trains

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Surfing on High-Speed Trains

"The Extreme Trainsurfer" attaches himself to the ICE train, traveling at speeds exceeding 330 km/h, and surfs as shown in this video.


Except, he did not die later of leukemia, as this other video proofs. It also has an interview with Trainrider.

Today's pictures & links:
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Godzilla Anatomy

Ever wondered what Godzilla (and other Japanese movie monsters) got in terms of anatomy inside? Well, here's your chance to study - and maybe find its weak spots:

(image credit: Frederick Barr)

More monster cut-outs! photo set.

Something awesome is going on here (I'm not exactly sure what) -

Or, the alternative - giant CAT GODZILLA's magazine (look him in the eye!):
- via


Buddhist Mobile Phones

24 K gold-plated... Costing a fortune, too. Not sure if REAL Buddhists would be attracted to the vanity of this device:


Show some skin

(original unknown)


Two Mushrooms

(image credit: CloudAppreciation Society)

(original unknown)


Can't part with your car? Make it an art project
- via

Matteo Ferrari "tracks down men who have been driving the same car for decades. He then recreates the photos taken when they first bought their cars.". Apparently such art project even has a name: "Automotive Monogamy"

See the whole photo series here.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Each Grain of Sand is a Tiny Work of Art - [awesome]
Steam-powered centipede - [wow tech]
Best Photos from Cassini Missions - [space]
Build your own Wall-E Robot - [how-to]
What 300 calories look like - [useful pics]
Donald Duck family tree - [vintage]
Holding a ball: extremely fluid movement - [wow video]
Crazy Scooter Stunts - [wow video]
Neat little 70s car chase with car jump - [car video]


This is Freaky

Romanian Trovants - Stones that grow by themselves. "Environmental Graffiti" has a good info article about them.

These are sandstone concretions, growing after every rain because of an irregular secretion of cement. More awesome images here.


Retro-future LEGO Rocket

From a great photo set by Tim Gould:


Weird Anatomical Necklaces

"Paraphernalia" output this beauties... see whole catalog


The Shooting Down of Korean Boeing in 1978

This was the quintessential Cold War episode (info), where Russian fighters shot down a civil flight which failed to obey the commands to alter the course. Two passengers were killed and the rest saved by Russian helicopters from the emergency landing site on the frozen lake in Siberia. Now the pictures (once top-secret) has surfaced:

See more photos at EnglishRussia.

Also see our articles "Airplane Accidents" Parts 1 and 2.


From "Burning Man 2007" Photo by Scott London


Airplane Mirror Art
- via

We have one question. Why?

(art by: Eric Pougeau)



Apparently Ronald McDonald is a horror character in Japan:

(art by: *sachsen)



Would like to know what this house is...

(image via Frederick Barr)

UPDATE: This is the "Six-shell Bubble House" by the French architect Jean Maneval. Some 30 were made and are located in a village in the French Pyrenees. (info)


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