Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Sloth Scratching Herself

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Baby Sloth Scratching

Yes... it feels so good to scratch...


These are the baby sloths in Costa Rica's sloth sanctuary - they seem to leisurely enjoy life in their own inimitable way.

Today's pictures & links:
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Living under the bridge

Seems like something out of William Gibson's "All Tomorrow's Parties". Truly weird environment, I wonder if the tenants appreciate the setting, or just want to move out as soon as possible.


Perpetually Empty Bus Stop

Great advertising campaign. Makes your head hurt just looking at it.


Futurism Copycats

We would like to point you to very interesting site: "Future Transport" and the page there, which traces the origins of many "future liner" concepts - like this one -

to the original Bel Geddes' design:

We also received a comment which compared the above original to the one of the submarine (ocean liner) concepts we featured in this article -

It seems good ideas come to brilliant minds pretty simultaniously :)


Battle in the Sky

It would be interesting to find out what the outcome is. See more pictures here.

(photo by Kelly Munday)

This prey seems more appropriate:


Mixed fresh links for today:

Life Goes On in Tehran - [cool site, scroll sidewise]
Star Wars, edited to famous "Sunscreen" advice, info - [video]
Continuous Very Powerful Earthquakes in Antarctica - [weird]
The Amazing Faroe Islands - [travel]
When Hailstorms Attack! - [weather]
Countdown Clock to LHC Activation - [science]
Lacoste: Future Tennis - [wow video]
Robot Soccer Match - [fun video]
Quite a car chase here, from the 70s - [car video]


Fun quiz at National Geographic

Quirky and quick: 10 questions on Bangkok. Click here.

There are similar quizzes on other world cities, such as Los Angeles, Rome, Paris,
Miami, New York, Seattle, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai,
London and others.


Striking Digital Illustrations

This is very emotional, often phantasmagoric art of Mario Sanchez Nevado . For a sampling of other note-worthy digital art, see this page.

(art by Mario Sanchez Nevado)


Something's brewing in the skies and in the sea

(image credit: extremeinstability)

(original unknown)

To see more fantastic water imagery, click here.


Horological Machines

Sophisticated, unique watches made by M B and F


An interesting trio

(photo by Rustem Adagamov)

This is the sculpture named “The hero. The leader. The god” by Alexandre Kosolapov. - via




Geek Meditation Session:

(image credit: JoyofTech)


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