Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drag-and-Drop World

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Drag-and-Drop World

Some good commentary on our consumer culture and environment... in tongue-in-cheek style:


Today's pictures & links:
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Packet - really radical 5-touch-screen phone concept

Emir Rafat designed something technologically surreal... Screens are folding out; the phone makes an extensive use of electronic "paper":

This mobile phone concept was awarded the first place at the Istanbul Design Week 2007.

Also worthy of mention is Nokia's "Morph" concept (see video) - exploring the possibilities of nano-technology application in mobile phones.





(originals unknown)


Quote of the Day

"No trees were destroyed in the sending of this message. However,
a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced."

- an email signature


Hangover is Dangerous

This ad is wonderful on so many levels:

(image credit: ads of the world)


Architecture in Osaka, Japan

A shopping center called "Namba Parks":

Umeda Sky Building... is something else. See more photos of this awesome structure here

(image credit: Steffen A. Bass)

(image credit: Stefan Keller)


Mixed fresh links for today:

10 Deepest Lakes on Earth - [nature]
Most bizarre wedding rings - [weird design]
History of Guerilla Marketing - [cool ads]
Completely Insane Activities - [extreme sports]
Magnetic Fields Visible for the First Time - [wow science]
How to build a menthos/coke booby trap - [fun video]
10 reasons not to take drugs on a date - [fun video]
This dog loves extreme sports - [fun video]
Office Worker Goes Berserk - [wow video]


All is well

(original unknown)

scaly romance:

(image credit: Norrit, Worth1000)


Retro-tech montages by William L. Philyaw

Of course we like them, how can we not? See more at his site:


Elephant beetle, the size of a hamster

Five-inch beetle was found in the stack of bananas... (more info)

(image credit: BBC)


Upside down wine glasses? Nope.

"Ming" Oil & Vinegar Cruets by Jansen Co. (more info)

Order them here


A new height for tacky style?

Get yourself (and everybody around you) slightly creepy EYE-glasses:

UPDATE: These glasses have a story:

In Rotterdam, Holland, a vicious gorilla named Bokito escaped and attacked a woman just a year ago. Apparently she was staring at him all the time, making him very aggressive. Hence the "Bokito"-glasses that seem to be looking elsewhere, so you can safely watch the gorilla. (info)

And while you're at it, get yourself a "Smile on a Stick" - more info:

or a really, really weird "Hair / Animal / Hat" style -


Something Beautiful

These are Belgian autochrome works - possessing a fairytale quality (circa 1910-1920)

We showed a few other autochrome images before - click here and scroll down.


It's been a long, long day at the office


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