Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flying Money

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Flying Money

Man throws thousands of pounds into the air at a pedestrian crossing... What would be your reaction if you ended up near it?


People in Aberystwyth were quite shocked when a man showered about £20,000 into the air at a pedestrian crossing, after shouting: "Who wants free money?"
"It caused bedlam - people were on their hands and knees eagerly picking the money up."

The man later said of his motive: "I just wanted to spread a little sunshine around, and to give people a little happiness."

Today's pictures & links:
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Fractal Tables

Furniture design taken to the next (literally impossible to manufacture) level. This is obviously a simplified prototype, conceived by Platform Wertel Oberfell together with Matthias Bär.

(image credit: platform-net)

Another cool piece of furniture:
Gear-crunching "The Executive Desk" (more info and a video here) -

This clockwork epitome of office life was designed by Dale Mathis - see his gallery - who is also responsible for these gorgeous clocks:


The Latest in Light Painting

Great addition to our "Painting by Light" article, these are works of Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke, Lightmark:

The gallery is here, and it is out-of-this-world.


Phonofone: Retro Speaker for iPod that uses no power!
- via

Made from ceramic and using only passive amplification, it boosts the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibels - being a cool vintage sculpture in the meantime. Designed by Tristan Zimmermann. order it here.


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

500 years old. New Species.

"An Uneasy Eden" is a great underwater photography gallery by Brian Skerry. See it here

(image credit: National Geographic)

Photo by Brian Skerry -
The divers who found it said that from a distance it looked like a flying saucer. On closer examination, ecologist Enric Sala sees a stupendous lobe coral that may be 500 years old. According to reef expert Jim Maragos, the species is likely new to science.


Mixed fresh links for today:

The City of Ship Breakers - [fascinating]
Amazing Ancient Cities of Color - [architecture]
Strange and Intriguing Shipwrecks - [weird]
New radical way to hop on a train - [urban tech]
Strangest Home Remedies & Treatments - [health]
Ultimate Geek Crop Circle, info - [weird]
New Office Comedy Series (all episodes online) - [fun video]
More Office Rampage - [fun video, nsfw language]
Dragon Skin: New ultra-effective armor - [cool video]


Map of Tokyo Metro' Shibuya Station

A multi-dimensional puzzle:

(image credit:


A new word in working out: Submerged Treadmill
- via

Looking mighty strange - but maybe strange enough to prompt some interest:
Hydro Physio submerged treadmill.


Spectacular Depths

Mike Roberts takes awesome pictures of underwater life. In cooperation with Editor's Picks, here are some samples -

(images credit: Mike Roberts)

Check out his full gallery here. Absolutely fantastic.


Mortal Coil

A bar in Ukraine - in shape of a coffin. Must be some very subtle commentary hidden in it, somewhere.


- via


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