Friday, June 13, 2008

Anything for the Perfect Shot! - Part 2


Photography ABOUT Photographers

The following is a series of funny and unusual situations in which photographers (and their gear) find themselves, in search for that all-around perfect shot.

Heavy equipment, crazy set-ups, impossible positions, hostile public, cars and elements - the list goes on. If you have a similarly hilarious photography adventure, send it to us for the next part of the series.

No zoom is too big:

(this pic is not far from the truth - see ultrabig zoom here)

...or too little:

Oh... the excitement! -

(image credit: sandro)

In a hurry -

(image credit: wanderlens)

or... hardly having a clue -

It does not hurt to smile -

(image credit: wildest-honey)

Here is a truly heroic shot: taken during Olympics in Torino, Italy - imagine being frozen like that in one spot, waiting for the perfect photo... Also note the elaborate equipment protection:

(photo credit: EPA)

Asian shooting postures were always the most radical:

A Great Job!

(image credit: rongyr)

(image credit: Ed Book)

Equipment to die for

Professional set up:

Beautiful little camera-gun:
- via

To get an idea what kind of set up is necessary in professional capture of flying insects, for example, see this page - which details every single item in a very elaborate system:

(images credit: fotoopa)

This may break your heart

Hundreds of expensive Canon cameras and lenses (some priced at more than $6,000) were ruthlessly destroyed recently by smashing the lens with a hammer. This deliberate crazy act was caused by the slight transportation damage of this equipment. The Canon company decided to destroy the cargo, rather then sending potentially faulty items to the stores...

Ingenious devices and shooting methods

Here is what you can do in a hurry, using McDonalds materials:

(image credit: Mikael)

Want to get rid of the shaking in your shot? Well, use the neck support of your kid, nearly strangling him in the meantime! -

Some very cool tripod techniques:

Animals are here to help

See more of this wonderful squirrel here

(image credit: Scott Alan Johnson)

(photo by Dmitri Melentiev)

Keep your equipment safe distance away from the animals:

Here is how the previous picture (possibly) was taken:

Regardless of your exclusive techniques to get the best picture, the best advice always is:

(image credit: Martin Gommel)



Most of the images came from Russian & Chinese Photography forums, such as Alexey Trunov's compilation on and from CameraUnion (China). Other were hunted down from the web or through emails, without definite attribution info. For such pictures we ask the viewers to let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this information.

Read all three parts!: Part 3, Part 2 and Part 1

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