Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morphing, Blinking BMW

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Morphing, Blinking BMW

The first truly revolutionary automotive concept in last 50 years, in my humble opinion. "BMW GINA Light Visionary Model" (car built out of cloth) - more info and images here and here.


One comment we received: "Pretty cool concept... until someone slashes through it with a knife to get your stuff... Also the blinking headlights are kind of creepy."

Today's pictures & links:
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The cutest aliens you are ever likely to see

Olivier Bucheron thinks aliens can be cuddly too:

(art by Olivier Bucheron)


Chess Everlasting

(original unknown)


A view of another planet?

No, simply the soap bubbles. Jason Tozer's stunning photography can be seen here.

(image credit: Jason Tozer)


Speed Record for Chickens


Death to Imperialism!

Probably one of the most impressive early Communist propaganda posters:


Mixed fresh links for today:

View of Earth Sky from Space - [spectacular]
Hungarian Water Towers at Night, plans - [architecture]
Countries to visit, now that conflict is over - [travel]
Most Bizarre Names of Animal Species - [nature]
Creative Architectural Designs for the Future - [wow pics]
Freaky Encounters with Astonished Airport Security - [funny]
Great Moments in Procrastination - [hilarious videos]
Motorbike stunt: Bus backflip - [wow video]
Unregulated Traffic in Vietnam - [wow video]


"Alien" Furniture made from Old Motorcycle Parts

Alien Furnitures will supply a HR Giger's table for you - via


Beautiful shots of the ever-changing sky

(original unknown; images came in email)


Another batch of strange & powerful police vehicles

Goes well with our "Anti-Riot Police Vehicles" article, and the previous cool police cars compilation

According to the lettering, this is also a police vehicle... maybe for undercover agents?


Straight or Not?

Cool illusion:




Playful towers:


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