Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weird Use of Laptops


When simple computing is not enough

Looking to get the most value out of your laptop? Then check out these unusual ways of using your old trusty notebook (Note: actual results may vary, DRB can not be held responsible for the accompanying data loss)

Portable chair:

Nut cracker:

Ping Pong:

Some weird fetish:

Good source of light:

Directional signage:

Kung Fu training:

Swatting flies:

Trapping pesky varmints:

Drawing perfect circles:

Sweeping the floor:

Holding LEGO spiritual revivals:

(image credit: Cindy G. /Doctor Beef)

Making omelets:

(image credit: Justin Lowery)

Guard your parking spot:

(image credit: Sandy Sans)

Get some sound sleep:

(image credit: Rich Anderson)

Work in the rain:

(image credit: Rich Anderson)

Scrape the windshield:

(image credit: Rich Anderson)

Make a bird house:

(images credit: Rich Anderson)

If after all this your laptop still works, then it must be a proof that "what does not kill us makes us stronger".

If it stops working, then you might end up browsing internet in Starbucks with your giant desktop computer and CRT monitor:

(images credit: Kate Sokoler)

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