Sunday, June 1, 2008

Link Latte 63

#63 - Week of June 1, 2008

Brutal New York - [vintage pics]
Tree Drawings - [neat idea]
Art from ordinary objects: an update - [art]
Home Decor for the Absolute Geeks - [design]
Probably the creepiest urban art - [slideshow]
Pi Piano Solo - [weird] [music]
Psycho Buildings - [urban art]
The Bad Boy of the Japanese Internet - [web]
Gallery of Indian Sadhu Wisemen - [photography]
Transformer's T-Shirt Gun: security threat? - [weird]
A Life of an Impostor - [interesting]
Awesome Business Cards - [design]
Roping a Deer: an internet legend - [funny]
12 things you did not know about Nobel Prizes - [cool facts]
Motorcycles of the 20th Century: huge collection - [cool site]
Time-tested great tips for the kitchen - [useful]
Museum of Food Anomalies - [cool site]
A fix of great t-shirts scavenged from the interwebs - [cool site]
All kinds of cool tricks to play on your bar buddies - [videos]
Inside the Flying Wing (1947) - [airplanes]
Soviet Military Awards - [vintage site]
The first outfitter to serve the solar system, site - [cool idea?]
The first iPhone Band - [cool video]
Dog nurses kittens - [cute video]
Celebrities who sang but shouldn't have - [videos]
How to remove scratches on CD with an egg - [cool video]
Neat rarely-seen 70s car chase 1, 2, info - [car videos]
The Lost Sheep - [heart-breaking video]



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