Sunday, June 15, 2008

Link Latte 65

#65 - Week of June 14, 2008

Syd Mead's Awesome Futurist Paintings, site - [slideshow]
Will it Shred? Watch it shred just about anything - [wow videos]
Inside International Space Station (click 360 Tour) - [space]
Exploring the Crystal Caves - [nature]
The Power of Books! - [surreal]
Seven Mysterious Creatures of Japan - [fascinating]
Radio Police Automaton - [vintage tech]
Huge list of cool uses for ordinary objects - [fascinating]
Deep Ocean Photography (creepy fish) - [gallery]
Great use for recycled Tokyo Metro tickets - [urban art]
This Laptop may be a glimpse of the future - [computers]
Largest private yacht in the world - [wow boat]
Modern Wonders of Green Technology - [wow tech]
Great music search site: play it all! - [music]
Knives acquire new meaning - [weird art] - via
Speedboat fueled by human fat - [weird tech]
Best pun store names - [funny pics]
Decotora: Japanese Trucks, info - [cool auto]
World's Bizarre Wedding Customs - [weird]
Peeling Back: the art of ripping upholstery - [cool site]
Super-speed turbo plane (vintage dream) - [airplanes]
How to harvest squid's ink - [how-to]
The proper way to shoot - [western video]
Finnish YMCA - [fun video]
Dancing George Bush - [fun video]
D. Copperfield Levitation Trick - [how-to video]
Lettuce grown on a billboard ad - [cool ads]
Earth hit by an asteroid - [wow video simulation]



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