Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oops! Weirdest Accidents, Part 4


Also read Part 3, Part 2 and Part 1

Nothing is as fascinating as an unexplained accident

New batch of strange mis-happenings, weird situations, and often maddeningly mysterious wrecks, where we keep asking ourselves: "How on earth could that happen?"

Are you in a huge hurry? Drive your car straight into the subway (just make sure it can fit in some tight places):

(images sent in by: B.E. de Jong)

Car (involuntary) acrobatics:

What a mess! -

(photo sent in by Jelle Sjollema)

Surprise! Say a little prayer, thanking your windshield:

The "flying" manhole lids could also present a problem:

A giant fork falling out of the sky? Well, an urban art, actually:
("Royal de Luxe" visiting Iceland, more info)

This guy may cause some serious accidents. I hope he realizes that -

A Moment Before...

Admittedly, the picture above is almost certainly the truck being towed. Still, it's pretty creepy.

After the accident. Drive it, if it can still be driven -

Who said kids do not ride in the back of pickup trucks any more? They do -

(image credit: tefnut)

How truck drivers get fired

How do you get a truck in this position?

Maarten Dijkstra sends us this picture: "A delivery truck in the city of Leiden, Holland, had a brake failure and rolled into the canal" -

(image credit: Maarten Dijkstra)

What happened here? Maybe the trailer had one wheel too many? -

This is not very safe:

(image credit: EnglishRussia)

Sunk... or Buried!

Who says cars only travel on solid surfaces? They are equally adept navigating on sand, water, ice or snow - or at least they are trying to... Really hard, judging from these pictures:

(image credit: EnglishRussia)

Oh, the sense of impending sinking! This car is doomed -

The following picture was sent to us by Edo Engel. He says: "During the night, a major water pipe below the pavement cracked. Since the soil in our area is sandy, the sand was flushed away through the pipe quite easily, creating an ever expanding cavity" -

More sinkholes:

Police are not immune... -

Blondes are definitely not immune... -

The following shots were probably staged, but who knows? maybe it's an amazing reality:

Why is this car so dirty? -

Idiot Parking

These guys couldn't even park a bicycle, it seems:

Parking turned into a nightmare:

You might have seen this picture before - but it's worth another look: this seems simply impossible -

Similarly masterful parking can be observed here:

Vintage parking oops! situation:
"This Could Happen to You!"

Heavy machinery can end up in a heavy, heavy trouble

This is why this excavator prefers immobile brooding to going anywhere:

(image credit: OrionTrail, DeviantArt)

This happened in Norilsk, Siberia:

(image credit: dwg.ru)

Bizarre Moving Things

(image credit: vwvortex)

Want to escape the plight of motorway whatsoever? Attach a jet engine to your sub-compact and go frolic in the desert:

But be aware about the catastrophic results that others achieved with the similar set-up (even ending up in a Darwin Stupidity Award listings): Read the full story here!

And of course, the infamous car / horse hybrids from the East Europe countries (mostly from Bulgaria)! They come in all shapes and sizes:

(photos by Minko Mikhailov)

Perhaps this is a good alternative in view of our rising gas prices? Well, you do have to feed the horse and keep it warm in the winter. Just make sure that "car" has good air-conditioning against the smell of manure.

(Some of the images came from anonymous aggregator sites, so the original credit is not known. Please let us know this info so that we could properly link the images)


Also read Part 3, Part 2 and Part 1

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