Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Link Latte 150

#150 - Week of January 31, 2011

Playing New York Subway Trains - [cool site, w/sound]
Google Art Project is On - [awesome resource]
Project Space (Paper) Planes - [wow video]
Above Southern Afghanistan - [wow photography]
Genetic Algorithm Car Evolution - [mostly fails]
Ancient Monastery in an Impossible Location - [travel]
Colossal Cave City - [awesome art]
What Is Reality? BBC Film - [uncut video]
time Traveler's House - [architecture]
Zooey Deschanel Does RetroFuture - [cool video]
Conquering the Infinite Cave - [wow travel]
Awesome Fantastic Art by Marcin Jakubowski - [sci-fi art]
Cool facts about broadband, including pranks- [geek info]
The World's Greatest Automotive Artists - [great gallery]
Creepy: Symmetrical Portraits - [weird art]
Tread Softly on the Moon! - [cool art]
Neat Dream Visualizer - [cool site]
The Secret Museum - [vintage weird book online]
Strangest Way to Get a Divorce - [wow weird]
The Formula of Love - [Wolfram Alpha answer]
How to Build a Yurt - [cool video]
Future Fashion, Compare with 1930s Predictions - [videos]
Down the highway... in a wheelchair! - [wow video]
Hunting Hydrogen Balloons with Fireworks - [cool video]
Robotic Safe Cracker - [wow tech video]
Something's not right here... - [fun video, loud music]
Seriously Over-the-Top: Robot Destroyer - [an Indian movie]
The Silliest Laws of All Time - [compilation]
DIY Project: Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed - [cool design]



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