Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cars vs. Snow

Link - by Avi Abrams

Cars vs. Snow: Cars lose. And we have to dig them out.

Don't miss our first part: Lots of Snow!. And now, let's get back to digging cars from the snow - again... although, the more you dig them out, the more white stuff seems to fall on them and bury them back under:

(images via 1, 2, AP Photo/Beth DeFalco)

When your neighbour won't move his car... use laser snow removal!:

(originals unknown)

Enough is enough! -

A nasty surprise awaits...-

Maybe if you prepare for a snowfall with a structure like this... it will be easier on your car:

Snow drifts are quite common on the roads of Alberta and Saskatchewan - the last storm of January 11 stranded hundreds of motorists near Calgary and Strathmore (read more):

(image via)

Recent storm on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (no jokes about a bad LSD trip, please):

(more info here, image via)

Here is the famous Snow Road in Japan: Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, in the mountains of Toyama Prefecture - in some places the snow is 20 meters thick!

(photo by by Mihai Japan, via)

Snow in Italy can be also pretty grand: here is a small car near a snowdrift in the Gran Sasso mountains:

(photo sent in by Roberto Ferri)

Now you can really appreciate this artwork (an installation by Ivan Puig, Spain):

Snow Monster (is there a car inside it, too?):

Interesting "blob"-shaped snow monsters stand on guard in the Russian Ural Mountains:

(image credit: Denis Burdin)

If your car could be made of ice, you'd have no problem:

(image via)

You think you had enough ghastly silence in your snow-buried neighborhood? Compare it to this Siberian ghost town somewhere in Kolyma, and shudder:

(image via)

Snow removal surprise:

Show some shoveling ingenuity:

Once you're done shoveling outside, make sure to close the door after coming in! -

(image via)

And be careful when getting into a snowed-over outhouse - the roof might cave in! -

(bottom image via)

Finally, after all these stressful and upsetting pictures, here is a reminder that snow - even lots of snow - can be actually nice and beautiful:

("Deep Silence", photo by Sven Muller)

(images via)




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