Friday, December 10, 2010

Tutorial - How to Improve Your Handwriting

This is so timely for me! I have horrible handwriting and have really been trying to improve it. Great tips in this tutorial!

Improve Your Handwriting Tutorial at The Stationery Sisters
"You would all agree, the art of letter writing is a lost art indeed. But one thing that makes it an art is the handwriting of the letter writer.

We all forget that even without writing letter, we use our handwriting for many other things such as; To-do lists, grocery items, college essays, taking notes etc.., And while it may not matter how your handwriting looks when your going to type that college essay anyway, it had a huge affect on your personality and mood thereafter. It can boost your self esteem if you beginto write better. Im very sure that someone has been frustrated with your handwriting if its bad..." Read more


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