Monday, December 27, 2010

Tutorial - How to Make a Wristlet Using a Plastic Canvas Form

Very fun and love that you can use a pre-made form!

Friday Night Bag Tutorial at Sew a Straight Line
"I knew I wanted to make a bag out of that fabric. But since the fabric was cut, I needed it to be a small bag. I love clutches, but if things aren’t physically attached to me, I loose them. (Ask me about the time I lost my neighbor’s garage door opener… yesterday.) So I needed a wristlet. I wanted it to be pretty sturdy, and I have a love for plastic canvas, so it seemed the logical choice. Then when I went to buy the plastic canvas to make the inside form, I happened to find some precut plastic canvas clutch forms. Go figure. Apparently my idea wasn’t so original and plastic canvas is the “it” medium for purse forms. Who knew? But the form I found is actually for a needle point clutch.
Wow. I have no desire to spend that much time making a clutch. But I did use the basic shape of the precut form, with a few changes, to work for the wristlet I had in mind. Only my version takes about an hour to make and uses just a couple larger scraps of fabric. Which means you can totally make a bunch to match any outfit, or to give to girlfriends for Christma..." Read more


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