Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Link Latte 148

#148 - Week of December 29, 2010

Snow, Snow... Time-lapse and Art - [blizzard videos]
Even More Snow in Japan, and how to get rid of it - [wow video]
Snow Art Using Pencil (scroll down) - [wow pics]
Bizarre: Anatomy of Gadgets! - [weird art]
Abandoned Paris Metro Stations and Tunnels - [exploring]
Art Inside Cardboard Rolls - [wow art]
The Greatest Con Artists of the Wild West - [infographic]
"Soap Bubble" Supernova Photo - [wow space]
Art Deco Architecture in Argentina, more - [art, abandoned]
Unique Macro Photographs of Snowflakes - [gallery, click next]
Great Nostalgic Thread on Reddit - [1960s-1980s...]
Gear & Clothing from Everest 1938 Expedition- [design]
Red Mushrooms: Thread Art by Beili Liu - [art]
100 Most Beautiful Words in English? - [scroll down for the list]
Metal Objects as Fish Animation - [strange video]
Build Your Own Block Fjord Gateway - [art idea]
Fractal Table - [dreamy furniture]
Scary "Huge Building" Mural in Paris - [street art]
Shipping Container Restaurants, Giant Truck Art - [recycling ideas]
Best of Make: Online in 2010 - [great stuff]
Very Classy 3D Work by Joseph Kosinski - [architecture]
Fantastic Northern Lights Display - [mesmerizing video]
Side-Bike: Something Strange... - [wow video]
On a Car Inside Subway - [wow video]
"Robot Skin": Beautiful SF short - [wow video]
Kinetic Typography Extravaganza - [cool music video]
Hair: Very Weird Love Story - [fun video]
Camera on the Edge of a Sword - [vertigo-inducing video]
Top Universities Compared (including $$ Tuition) - [compilation]



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