Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Link Latte 147

#147 - Week of December 14, 2010

Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You - [fascinating]
Snow Crystals Under Microscope - [wow pics]
Tokyo Subway Manners Posters - [unexpected]
Incredible Lightning Photo - [extreme weather]
Two Phone Books... Inseparate! - [cool video]
Trains vs. Snow! - [vintage photo]
The Military Mine Furniture - [design]
Wonderful Concept Ships - [wow art]
Bar of Soap in the Microwave, Grapes, info - [wow videos]
30 Thrilling Concept Cars - [auto compilation]
Fantastic Stage for Lake Performance - [design]
Portraits Carved From Phone Books - [cool art]
Neat Steam Train Simulation (Run the Engine!) - [geek info]
London in Largest 360 Panorama Ever - [explore]
Craziest Modern Dictators - [funny, some language]
Strange Foreign Pick Up Lines - [funny, some gross]
What Famous People Were Reading in 1789 - [library ledgers!]
Biggest Human Chain Event - [interesting]
Augmented Reality - [flickr photos]
Kinetic sculpture from thousands of model cars! - [wow video]
1935 Planned Invasion of Canada - [now with maps]
First Vocoder Machine - Creepy Robot Sounds - [wow video]
German Vintage Science Fiction Posters - [gallery]
World's Biggest Drum Machine - [cool video]
Steampunk & Pocketwatch Transformers - [cool videos]
Beautiful Architectural 3D Portfolio - [cool video]
Good Fun: Wencke Myhre in 1970 Movie - [fun video]
Roadrunner vs. Coyote: In Live Action! - [fun video]
Best iPhone Apps - [compilation]
The Ultimate 2010 Christmas Gift Guide - [gifts]
Lovely Handspun Yarn - [comfy]
Travel Photography Blog on Steroids - [travel]



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