Friday, December 10, 2010

Shocking the Crows

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Shocking the Crows

"Achtung Achtung! Bitte fliegen sie weiter!" No crow will ever be the same after seeing (and hearing) this...


Today's pictures & links:

Addicted to Tubes

Smile, grandpa! Here's the great, great, great ancestor of our beloved internet: a pneumatic tube system that's still in operation in Prague (more info).


"The Prague pneumatic delivering system has five main paths equipped with switches and concentrators, and 20 other direct lines. The total length of the system is 55km. It crosses the river Vltava three times. It was used to deliver packages with a weight of up to 3kg, with diameter up to 5cm and length up to 30cm, from any station to any other station by the means of the central system control room."


Liquid "Sculptures": Umbrellas, Spiders, Flowers...

Corrie White "freezes" drops of water with high-speed photography to capture amazing illusions:

(images credit: Liquid Drop Art)

See a lot more here.


Epic De-Construction

Chittagong, Bangladesh ship breaking yard... Very atmospheric photo by Jana Asenbrennerova, part of the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest:

(image credit: Jana Asenbrennerova, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

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Bel Geddes Futurism

A wonderful illustration of a Norman Bel Geddes seaplane in some exotic port by Philippe Bouchet (fragment):

(image via)

And here's Norman's delightfully odd design for an automobile:

(image via)


Don't Trust Your Eyes

Take a look at the following images. Amazing? Yes. Remarkable? Absolutely! But they aren't what you probably think they are. Created by Kurt Wenner, these street-paintings use deceptive perspective to produce a remarkable illusion of having three dimensions. Just don't fall in!

(images credit: Kurt Wenner)


Maybe If You Push From Your End...?

You’d think someone would have measured the size of the thing before they tried to park it:

(image via Shorpy Images)

Clement-Bayard dirigible in shed in France circa 1908. See more airships here.


A Footprint

(image via)

"A foot of snow in Edinburgh. Nial Smith, who created the footprint in his garden, said: "I had made a sketch and I knew roughly what I wanted to do. You can see the car on the left to get an idea of the scale."


Up, Up And Away!

Here's a fun illustration at some of the successful, and just plain crazy, ways aeronautical engineers have approached the idea of vertical flight:

(image via)


In The Coils of A Serpentine House

Designed by acclaimed architect Javier Senosiain, his Quetzalcoatl Nest house in Mexico is an undulating, writhing, masterpiece of ... well, 'serpentine' architecture.

(images credit: Urbarama)

Another strange architectural appearance - a "House Attack":

No, a tornado isn't responsible. This astounding piece of surreal art by Erwin Wurm is part of an installation at Vienna's Museum Moderner Kunst.

(image credit: Dominik)


Barbarella with a Cool Gun

Look closely, this is a very stylish weapon:


(Shamelessly) Self-Indulged

"Travel Photography Blog on Steroids" - SelfIndulged has put together another issue of their colorful travel reports:




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