Sunday, May 18, 2008

Russian Army Hip-Hop

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Russian Army Hip-Hop

The roots of breakdance are revealed in this video (with music by Run DMC "It's Like That"). The dance is a mixture of elements of traditional Russian and Ukrainian dances, performed by the Aleksandrov's Russian Army Ensemble.


Today's pictures & links:
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Absolutely Incredible Lightning Shots

Good addition to our "Spectacular Lightning Strikes" page:

(photo by Olivier Vandeginste)

(originals unknown)


This hermit crab must be totally confused:
- via


Seeing Faces in Nature: A Peak into Creative Process

Vermont artist Cristine Cambrea uses the natural world as inspiration for her unique, intricate "Visionary Art" creations.

This video allows a rare peak into a visionary artist's creative process. Also, check out her "Gallery in the Woods" exhibit - goes well with a spring walk in the forest.


The Day There Was No News


"there is no war... there are no funny stories.... zilch, diddley, squat... nothing is still happening..."


Mixed fresh links for today:

Earthquake Lights Seen in China, info 1, 2 - [mystery]
The Essential Man's Library - [great article]
Congrats, Milky Way: It's a Baby Supernova - [space]
Create groovy transparent molds - [how-to]
The most bizarre reproductive system in mammals - [animals]
M. C. Escher's Gallery & site - [art]
A Mansion Abroad vs. Humble Home in US - [thought-provoking]
Sleepy Baby Bear - [cute! video]
Crazy Japanese TV: Laughter = Pain - [nutty video]


New Robot Art Update

Rich Muller from GuyRobot has 5 new robots on his site.

(images credit: GuyRobot)


"Blue Angels" Aerial Photography

Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team has a series a images circulating around internet, supposedly originating from the Admin Chief for the Blue Angels, Chief Flora, retired USN:

See the rest here


Reinvent Yourself

Here is a cool (promotional) idea: a box of imaginary business cards, customized to your name - featuring different profession for you for each day of the year.
See how you name would look in such occupations as "Distraction Inventor", "Day Colorer", "Desert Moulder"... Perhaps something might even click with you; but don't quit your day job just yet.

See the whole collection on Year of Creativity site. You can also create and customize your own business cards or send a particular business one to a friend.


Alternate Histories Photoshop Contest

Worth1000 had some great entries recently - various alternate histories...

(image by Worth1000, Iamagarth)



Good addition to our "Tank Accidents" page:

UPDATE: this tank did not loose its track. Quite the contrary: it's the only way to change the tracks on a tank.. One of the links gets unbolted, the tank drives off, a new track gets laid in place and the tank drives on it again.



(original unknown)


Very strange....

Apparently this is authentic old Russian decor:


Cthulhu Harvest:

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