Saturday, May 24, 2008

Link Latte 62

#62 - Week of May 25, 2008

Very beautiful & strange video: Burma, hi-res - [must see]
Biggest Drawing: use GPS around the world - [wow art]
Third Red Spot Erupts on Jupiter! - [space]
Bankrupt Offices Photography - [gallery] - via
Living inside a nest, site - [cool idea]
A steampunk tunnel across the Atlantic - [weird]
Interacting Galaxies - [wow space]
How to fit 282 slaves inside a ship, more - [history]
Will Polar Waves Swamp America? - [apocalyptic]
Starfish Walking - [time-lapse video]
Eyes of the Spider, whole set - [wow nature]
10 Awesome Indiana Jones Facts - [movies]
Great Graffiti Street Art - [urban art]
Northern Lights and where to observe them - [pics]
Chocolate Flavor gone too far? - [food]
Woman stripped by huge mechanical digger - [weird video, sfw]
Acoustic Guitar Prodigy, example - [wow videos]
Postage stamp with "moving" image - [interesting]
Heavy Machinery Ace Driver - [wow video]
LEGO engine implementation - [cool video]
Body-building Monstrosities - [gross]
Putting death to sleep with an eventful life - [cool video ad]
Jeff Lynne & ELO: Twilight - [music video]
Best Russian Car Ad Evar - [fun video]
Not so scary... in daylight - [fun video]
Keenu Reeves digs teddy-bears - [weird video]
Music video with lots of YouTube spoofs - [fun video]
Mile-wide tornado crosses the highway!, more - [wow video]



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