Monday, May 26, 2008

Cell Phone in a Microwave

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Cell Phone in a Microwave

Extremely Dangerous. Do not attempt under any circumstances.


Today's pictures & links:
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New Japanese ASCII Art fad

Beats good old ASCII art:

More on this page. Check out this one too (nsfw) - link


Bejewelled Dragonfly
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(image credit:

(image credit: Martin Amm)



Here, try that -

See more incredible object balancing on this page.


Crocodile learns a lesson

(original unknown)


New word in auto trailers

A good use of the used car parts? -

Careful -


Mixed fresh links for today:

14 Cameras that look like guns - [photo tech]
Cross-breeding between logos - [funny site]
Deus Ex: wearable motorcycle concept! - [wow tech]
World's Wildest Architecture - [slideshow]
Creative Bus Stops - [architecture]
Great Minimalist Photography - [photo site]
This guy can dance - [cool video]
What old people do for fun - [fun video] - via
All new for 1986! Mobile telephones! - [vintage video]


Gypsy Castles in Romania

They live there by the whole gypsy family, so called "tabor" - these weird masterpieces are located in Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Photos by Dan Perry, AP:


Wallpaper pattern changes with room temperature

Interesting idea?

(original unknown)


More creative food boxes

An addition to our "Food Art" article. Would you think twice before eating "skull & bones" section?


Risk Management


I'd say the guy in the black van is pretty lucky:

You would need some luck in these situations, as well:


Egg Dispenser

Oh no.

(original unknown, probably Worth1000)

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