Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Giant Snail

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A Giant Snail

If Chernobyl-grade mutant animals creep you out, don't watch this...


This is a giant snail, all right - an African Land Snail. They can grow nearly a foot long and live for almost a decade....

Today's pictures & links:
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Great Light Painting Photography

Good addition to our Painting with Light article, the work of c33h33y33 is pretty luminous and fun:

(image credit: c33h33y33)


This seems to be a sort of a trap:

Not sure if this would work either:

(original unknown)


Robot Creations by Mark Ho

Good addition to our Robot Art Series. See pretty neat Top 10 list of artists working in this sub-genre here.

Mark Ho from Netherlands documents on his site the process of sculpting very quaint metal humanoids.

This composition is probably the most profound: two robot creations examine the tool by which they were created...

(image credit: Mark Ho)


Toxic Nudibranchs
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

Fantastic, alien forms and colors - perhaps the most fanciful of all sea creatures. Read the article and see the full gallery.

Nembrotha kubaryana:

Flabellina exoptata:

Even though they are poisonous, the smile is still cute:

(photos by David Doubilet, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Incredible Stop-Motion Urban Graffiti Animation - [weird]
More crazy Nazi UFOs myths - [vintage tech]
Infamous Top Secret Bases & Compounds - [exploring]
How to make thermite - [careful with that!]
Strange Origins of Velcro - [interesting]
Defecation target practice for chickens - [weird sport]
Graphic Novels review spotlight: every Friday - [cool site]
Bay of Fundi, Nova Scotia: highest tides - [cool video]
Give this thing room on a highway - [car video]


Erlend Mork's new dark art

Great surreal artist Erlend Mork just came up with another deeply troubling print:

The Good Seed


Seascapes Art by Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor is exhibiting several new paintings in a group show called "Greetings From Coogee", at Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, Sydney, starting from 14th May.

(art by Neil Taylor)


Sergei Frolov's Soviet Calculators

Vintage collection, a part of a wonderful "weird collections" roundup at Neatorama:

Among other strange collections there are: toilet seat art, AOL CDs and asphalt museum. And that's not the weirdest, or the most disgusting.

Check out this "Weird Fortune Cookie Collection" example:

The Greatest Danger could be Your Stupidity


"Tough as Nails" Loving

(original unknown)


Russian President Facts

New president D. Medvedev in his youth:

... and being morphed into the last Russian tzar Nikolas II:


Great designers think alike?

Steve M. pointed out an interesting coincidence (or is it?)

In our article about Retro-Future Transportation we featured a picture of Soviet flying car:

Amazingly, this illustration seems to be a copy of another model:

Photo taken at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana. This design study hasn't been displayed for some time... The display signage didn't disclose much, either -- only that the restoration had been paid for by the Studebaker Drivers Club.

The flying cars are pretty much identical.


Going green:

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