Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great 70s Car Chase

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Great 70s Car Chase

"Blazing Magnum" (1976) with a signature jump in the end (info)


Today's pictures & links:
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Cartoon Character's Skeletons

There is something very weird about this. See more here - creations by Michael Paulus.

Do not show this to your children.


360 Panorama of Moscow Underground

Click on the image to experience the VR 360 view.

(image credit: Vladimir Shalagin)

And another panorama is here. Click here to see how they explored and set up the place.


Raytheon Exoskeleton

Raytheon Company is bringing the "Iron Man" to life. More info here

(image credit: Raytheon)

A newest research facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, is developing a robotic suit for the soldier of tomorrow. Japanese Cyberdine's Robo Suit "HAL-5" is another wearable robotic system.

Some variations...


Very Cool Art Deco Fan Design

Order one here.

(image credit:


Dr. Strangelove's Birthday?

Any background info about this is appreciated.
"The photograph is from 1946, in which U.S. Navy Admirals Blandy and Lowery, as
well as Blandy's wife, slice an "Bikini Atoll Atomic cake" in the Pentagon." info


Mixed fresh links for today:

The Original indiana Jones - [fascinating] - via
Short Interview with DRB - [media]
Shipping Container Architecture - [design]
The Economy of Straight Razors - [useful]
Interesting way to search and visualize Flickr images - [cool site]
Constantly updated collection of concept cars - [auto]
Underwater Wonders of the World - [travel]
Very cool candle experiment - [how-to video]
Awesome Western Theme Song - [music video]


"The Lord Humongous" Wheelchair

We wrote about fiery creations of Lance Greathouse before (second part of this article). This time he almost upped himself with the wicked fire-breathing... wheelchair:

"This chair started as parts from several different machines. It is constructed out of a Marine rescue Helicopter seat and an electric golf cart parts. It is all electric and has a top speed of 22MPH. It has several forms of steering and can climb just about any terrain easily.

It was made for the disabled person looking for something a little different, why drive something that looks like a medical device when you can drive something lethal?"


I hope this is 'shopped -

(original unknown)

Well, there are people who can do fun tricks with their tongues - see video


Space Challenge: A Broken Toilet

You've probably read already NY Times hair-raising account of a broken toilet on international Space Station and the consequences for the crew.

Here are some responses from a Russian site, which seems to be eager to help:

(image credit: Naoki)

(image credit: Alias)


The creepiest pavement art ever?


Funny T-Shirt Designs

All from this little company here.


Edward Hopper "Nighthawks" Variations

Very famous 50s-style painting gets a bunch of unexpected treatments:
(starting with the original)

(images credit: Worth1000)

See lots more on this page


Left out to dry


Mystery Devices

Number One:

UPDATE: This is a Blue Jeans Testing Device (1956) (more info)

"Blue jeans are tested for resistance to tearing. The wedge-shaped part with the numbered scales of this device is released, and then drops and tears the blue-jean fabric."

Number Two:

Number Three:

Update The last picture is a a Bod Pod (more info) which estimates you body/fat ratio by measuring your air displacement.


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