Monday, May 19, 2008

Link Latte 61

#61 - Week of May 18, 2008

The Handmade Camera of Miroslav Tikhy - [fascinating]
How to strip your baby (the rifle, that is) - [manual]
If Star Wars was real, example - [cool site]
Writing classic literature under the influence - [weird]
Back to the Future: Reverse concept of time - [interesting]
18 Insane Journeys in Recent History - [travel]
5 million LEGO pieces chase the creator - [weird]
30 Best Websites for Urban Explorers - [abandoned]
The World's Hardest Game - [addictive]
Toad migration... before the earthquake - [nature]
Odd Musical Instrument: Hang Drum - [cool site]
New web technology: Xtreme Resolution - [spectacular]
Great Idea! Fencing for the elderly - [pics]
Fascinating Music Visualisation (drag images into graph) - [flash]
Human Fears Illustrated (go to "Image Gallery: Shadow Chamber") - [photography]
Music search engine to end all music search engines - [useful]
Ant Colony makes for a cool sculpture - [art]
French Pin-Up Postcards - [vintage]
New use for hookers: Playing "Halo" - [weird]
Collectible Auto Wall Shelves - [design]
More cool "what is it?" objects - [gadgets]
Goose Attack! - [fun video]
How do you switch it off? - [fun video] - via
Toyota Robot Orchestra - [tech video]
Somebody just got fired - [fun video] - via
Kung Fu Ping Pong - [classic video]
Determination - [funny animal video]



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