Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rare Russian Space Movie

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Rare Russian Space Movie

"The Grand Space Voyage" (1974) - Two boys and a girl (Mila Berlinskaya) are sent into space to have some heroic adventures there, with added romantic interest.

Music by Alexei Rybnikov. Mila Berlinskaya (who sings this song) went on to become world-famous classical pianist. She lives in France.


(image credit:

Today's pictures & links:
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Alien Presence

Dale Chihuly's incredible glass installations at the de Young Museum (see more at his site)

(art by Dave Chihuly) - via


Somebody likes to play Tetris?

Absolutely awesome aerial photography gallery by Vincent Laforet - click here

(image credit: Vincent Laforet)

Another air travel related cool image (ad for Turkish airlines):

(photo by Mikael Albrecht)


Japanese Cube Satellites

The University of Tokyo "CubeSat" Project, more info -


Must be some kind of a new cult


Streamlined Scooters

Are these scooters? Motorcycles? They look like they came from sci-fi movie, and some are set to go into production.

Honda Griffon shown at Tokyo Motorshow in 2003 (more info) -

Yamaha Maxam 3000 prototype, 2005 - see more info at Yamaha's page (scroll down) -

Suzuki G-Strider concept, last updated in 2005 (more info) -

And finally - Monotracer R1 Concept bike - via:


Mixed fresh links for today:

Iceberg Living Architecture - [design]
Epic Move Across Europe - [fascinating]
How DNA Works: animation - [interesting]
Private islands: the peak of luxury - [lifestyle]
Spinning Wing Airliner - [vintage tech]
The unsung postal worker heroes of the "Titanic" - [history]
The World of Chemistry (not what you'd expect) - [fun video]
Tiger vs. Crocodile - [nature video]
Funny Commercial: Staying Alive - [fun video]


Love this urban art

Google Earth might get confused, though.

(image credit: paulthewineguy)


Stuck Panda

You can see more pictures of pandas and "Baby Panda Adoption project" in this photo set.


The worst chess set you'll see all day

When it appeared on reddit, somebody remarked "This is the ONLY chess set I've seen all day." Anyway, this is more than controversial:

(image credit: Maze)


Wings for Paratroopers

Designed and tried out in 1935 (!) by the Russian engineer A. Sanfirov:

Here is a bit more info: This was "The Dedalus" concept from 1935 meant for RKKA (Russian Army Paratrooper Division) tested in Moscow with unknown results.


Very Radical Shopping Cart

Could be a hazard for the fellow shoppers. This is a work of Ryan Johnson, see more here.

(image credit: Ryan Johnson)


Haute Couture in Guns (and Chainsaws)


Another way to improve your wife:

(original unknown)


Mystery Device

Now, this should keep you guessing for some time:

I'd say, this is a brainwashing machine (for two) from the trippy sixties.

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