Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tutorial - How to Do Invisible Machine Applique

Yowza. The technique and results are incredible and the tutorial itself is so thorough. Amazing!

Invisible Machine Applique Tutorial at Generations Quilt Patterns
"I love to do handwork. There's nothing so peaceful as to sit in my big comfy chair, needle, thread and a new project in hand. Stitching away, piece by piece. I think of that time as mini-vacations. Don't you?...

Do you have the time to make all the quilts in your head? I know I don't.

After you learn how to create templates out of the "secret ingredient" and the stitching method, you can finish your quilts faster.

Think about some of those quilts you'd love to add a bit of applique to...

...but they're really not meant to be an heirloom.

What about a baby quilt that you know will be really used. You wouldn't want to put hand applique on that...but the quilt pattern was so adorable that you bought it.

Best yet...

You'll have more time to hand applique
those really important quilts...

...The ones that truly mean a lot to you, your family and generations yet to be.

Invisible machine applique lets you do more applique, more quickly and on quilts that you'd have never taken the time on before.

And, most importantly...

It's looks like handwork..." Read more


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